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Ornament Your Look With Exclusive Wedding Attire

Ornament Your Look With Exclusive Wedding Attire by parekhcards 18/11/2015 at 2:00

Every individual dresses up aptly in day-to-day life with trendy clothes to look their best at the workplace, home or any gathering. One day in the life of any person where no one wants to go wrong is their wedding day. It's a special day and a person wishes to make every single moment special. Along with the ambiance, decoration and other aspects of a wedding, the dresses worn by a bride and a groom is vividly remembered by the guests.

India is a land of diversity with a variety of languages spoken, cuisines, cultures and traditions. Every state follows a different wedding style and thus the dresses of the bride and groom also varies from state to state as per the tradition followed. It is lovely to see a bride decked up in bridal finery. Each function during the entire wedding holds significance in the marriage. There is a unique attire for every function for the bride as well as the groom.

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The foremost wedding dress that is the most popular in Indian wedding is the saree. A lot of work and detailing goes behind the grandeur of the wedding saree. The majority of the Indian bridal saris are luxurious and are crafted from silk interfused with enticing gold thread work. In the state of Maharashtra, the traditional nine-yard saree known as the "Nauvari" is used on the wedding day. The other popular bridal attire is the Lehenga which comes along with an Odhni. The Odhni stands as a mark of respect to one's tradition.

In the southern part of India, brides wear simple Kanjeevaram saris, which are teaming up with traditional jewellery including flowers on hair. The Muslim brides wear a long flowing skirt with a blouse pattern top and an Odhni. It is known as "Sharara". The Indian catholic brides dress up in simple white dress with a veil and hair pulled back into a great and stylish chignon. The Kashmiri brides often wear weaved Shalwar kameez, which looks glittering due to its adorned work.

The different communities of India still follow the traditional attire for the groom. The traditional Dhoti or Lungi and Mundu in the south are worn by the groom. This is teamed up with a shirt or a Kurta or sometimes just a Angavastram may be used to cover the chest. In the northern parts, the grooms prefer Sherwani, Jodhpuri suit or a western suit.

With time, brides are bringing in modern elements into their wedding attire. The emphasis is always on bright and glowing colors to reflect the mood of the occasion. Not just the bride and the groom, even the guests attending the wedding picks up their best dress to look their best during the occasion. Wedding dresses of India not only prove its diversity but also demonstrate the shared aura among all brides in India.

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