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Pre-Wedding Hindu Ceremonies Symbolizing New Life Of A New Couple

Pre-Wedding Hindu Ceremonies Symbolizing New Life Of A New Couple 20/02/2014 at 11:00

Pre-Wedding Hindu Ceremonies Pre-Wedding Hindu Ceremonies | Image Resource :

Hindu weddings are known for their excellent pomp and spirit. Pre-wedding Hindu rituals comprises of various traditions and cultures which go on for both the bride as well as the groom's side, along with friends and families. These rituals are performed as per the local customs, regional variations and personal traditions of the family. When you look at the Hindu wedding invitations you will be excited to witness the number of ceremonies before marriage, let us check out some colourful and sparkling ceremonies as follows:

Engagement: Sagayi or engagement ceremony is the first ritual which sets a formal engagement of the two people, bride and the groom. A priest is called to carry out Sagayi or ring ceremony, and this is celebrated in the bride's premises. The families exchange blessings and gifts, and bride and groom exchange rings to purify the rendezvous. On this day, there is an announcement made by the families of the wedding date and other details.

Tilak ceremony: The purpose behind this ritual is to create a bond which is shared between the families for the entire life. This ritual is performed by males at a temple or groom's house. The ceremony commences with a small Puja where prayers are held for a happy life of new couple. Then the father of the girl presents some gifts to the groom that includes clothes, jewellery and sweets.

Sangeet: Many of you might have got confused after looking at Sangeet term in the Hindu wedding invitations. Well, this ceremony is a ladies function held at bride's place where women play drum, sing old and folk songs, and dance to the fullest.

Pre-Wedding Ceremonies Pre-Wedding Ceremonies | Image Resource :

Mehendi and Haldi: This ceremony is held to bestow blessings to the bride. A turmeric paste and mehendi leaves paste is applied on the bride's hands and feet, it is said that the more colour of the mehendi, the more love she will get from her husband!


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