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Promising wedding cards industry of India

Promising wedding cards industry of India 22/01/2014 at 12:00

According to a recent survey, the Indian wedding industry generates more than 100,000 crore rupees, and is been increasing every year. The survey also indicates that out of this revenue generation 5000 crore rupees is produced by the Indian wedding card industry. The card market is a small part of the huge wedding market but a very important part. It offers the guests a first look of your wedding and is a necessary tradition.

Promising indian wedding cards

Indian wedding invitation makers are growing from city to city. The market is still developing. Now a days this invitation designers are selling their cards on the Internet. They even have websites for selling cards online. Which means that the industry is going global.

Statistically the population of India is 1.25 billion and there are around 250 million families in India by considering five people per family on an average. If there is one marriage happens in every 20 years per family. That means 10 million marriages per year, which is a huge market to tap in. Plus the NRI markets are getting captured by this industry as well.

Now days it's not just the wedding card that is been bought, there are around 2 to 3 other stationary that is bought with it. Like RSVP cards, Thanks you cards, Matching bags and many more items. Which gives an extra boost to the market.

Trends of wedding card market

Customized wedding cards - Now there is a trend in the Indian card market, where the customer wants to customize the entire wedding card and the stationary with it. Customizing a wedding card turns out to be a expensive, and is time consuming.

Ready wedding cards - There are makers who have can sell ready cards to the customers, and the rates of these cards are little cheaper than the customized cards and it does not take that much time.

It's a growing and very promising industry in the future, with a lot of opportunities.


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