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Relish On Delicious Food During An Indian Wedding

Relish On Delicious Food During An Indian Wedding by parekhcards 23/11/2015 at 3:45

Indian wedding features various types of ceremonies and rituals which are performed with utmost sanctity. Also, other than the decorations, fineries, entertainment, mehendi wallis and flowers; there is another important and crucial thing in an Indian Wedding. It's the wedding food, the menu that is planned with utmost care. It is an integral part of the total wedding preparation.

Indian cuisines are well known for rich flavour, spices and regional varieties. There are multiple varieties that you can choose among for the wedding or reception in your family. The top 10 Indian wedding food menu are as follows:

Zafrani Pulao: This dish is well-known as the speciality of Hyderabad and Kashmir states. It's a rich rice dish which is a mix of ingredients like dry fruits, saffron, milk, sugar and many other things. This aromatic dish is very popular during any Indian wedding.

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Shahi Paneer: Among vegetarians, paneer is a very popular dish. Shahi Paneer is one lip-smacking dish that is very popular among the guest at an Indian wedding. This delicious and nutritious food is an ethnic food is a popular dish of north India especially in Uttar Pradesh.

Malai Kofta: Malai Kofta is a delicious food that has originated from the Mughlai cuisine. This creamy and yummy to relish on dish impresses guest and is loved by them.

Amba Khatta: Amba Khatta is a very popular Oriya dish which is a tasty tangy spicy chutney of mango. It has sweet gravy with subtle and delicate spices. It is a great addition to the guest's plate a taste of Orissa.

Dal Makhani: The whole of our country knows well about the mouth-watering dish Dal Makhani, which is a speciality of the state of Punjab. It is a mixed lentil curry garnished with lots of butter and cream. The authentic dish is again a popular dish seen in Indian Wedding.

Dahi Baingan: Baingan, the scientific name as the eggplant is an aromatic dish that is loved by many. In this dish, brinjal is fried in oil and mixed with curd in regional style. It is a very famous yummy dish from the state of Punjab and Orissa. Easy to cook, it is rich in taste as a perfect treat to the taste buds.

Tandoori Gobi: Among the various starters served at an Indian Wedding, Tandoori Gobi is a very famous dish. In this the Gobi is cooked in a tandoor and is served with chutney as a perfect starter.

Stuffed Masala Naan and Rumali Roti: In an Indian wedding, you will find that simple rotis have replaced with stuffed masala naan and rumali rotis. It is best to have with a special daal like dal makhani or a vegetable curry.

Paani Puri & Chat: During the dinner or lunch time at an Indian wedding, you will observe people flocking to the paani puri and chaat corners before the main course. This chatpata snack is the charm of parties that very Indian guest is fond of.

Kheer : As a perfect sweet dish, you will find yummy Kheer in Indian wedding. There are also other sweet dishes like ice-creams, Gajar Halwa etc., but the taste of Kheer leaves the guests spellbound. The Kheer is a rice pudding recipe from South Asian cuisine. This dessert is garnished with lots of fruits and dry fruits to add a tempting aroma and flavour.

Known for the sumptuous food, Indian Wedding is incomplete without it. With time, the cooking of these delicious food by skilled cooks has been replaced by well-known catering services. Among the various talks that guests discuss about, food has become an integral part. So for the upcoming wedding season in your family, choose a wide variety of delectable dishes to surprise your guests with!


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