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Role Of A Wedding Planner

Role Of A Wedding Planner by parekhcards 24/10/2014 at 6:00

In today's hectic lifestyle, it is difficult to find time to plan your own wedding. This is why couples hire a wedding planner. A professional assistance can make the process of wedding planning a lot more simpler.

A wedding planner is professional skilled to carry out some of the more complex marriage arrangements with ease. In this article we would be discussing the role of a wedding planner and why it is recommend to hire one.

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The wedding planner :

A wedding planner is a person who has the professional expertise and contacts to plan a marriage ceremony easily. He/she assists the "soon to be married" couple with the designing, planning and management of the wedding.

What does a wedding planner do ?

Initial Consultation

The job of wedding planning professional starts as soon as the couple contacts them for their service. They sit down with the couple and understand their story. During the initial consultation the wedding planning professional tries to understand aspects such as the mindset, likes, dislikes, friends circle, family background, wedding wishes, budget etc. Based on these aspects, a unique wedding is planned for the couple.

Pre-Wedding Planning

Before the big day, a wedding planner strategizes and visualizes a wedding ceremony. Based on these plans, arrangements are made. In this stage, wedding planner books the vendors, decorators, entertainers, musicians, venue, caterers, transport services etc.

Choose the Wedding Invitation

Choosing right Indian wedding invitations is a hectic task. A wedding planner also helps the couple in the process of wedding card selection.

Choosing the venue

Many couples today have a dream venue in their minds. A wedding planner helps them to find such a venue.

The Wedding Day

During the ceremony, the wedding planner looks over all the arrangements. He/she makes sure that every need of the wedding couple, their families, relatives and guests are met. He/she make sure that the wedding takes place according to the plan and schedule.


A wedding planning professional collaborates with different vendors such as the florists, cooks, caterers, priest etc.


With the help of a skilled wedding planner you can have a great wedding at your desired budget.


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