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Romantic Ways Of Proposing An Indian Damsel

Romantic Ways Of Proposing An Indian Damsel by parekhcards 22/07/2014 at 3:00

When it comes to proposing, I guess all methods are romantic. Yet, some ways of proposing truly stand out in the modern world. India always boasts of culture and women in India prefer not to voice their feelings. It is thus very challenging for a man in India to get his heart out to a woman without offending her. Here are a few very beautiful ways in which Indian men can dream of proposing to their lady love:

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Green Bangles

In many parts of India, green bangles are sign of married women. The green bangles are given by the husband to his wife when he accepts her as a life partner. You may just propose to an Indian damsel to be your better half by gifting her green glass bangles. If she likes you, she will accept the gift and this would begin a new love story.

Indian Wedding Invitation

This one may be a little expensive but no price is too much to get your loved one in your life. Get a Indian wedding card of your choice. In place of the bride's name, have your lady love's name printed. You can have your name printed in place of the groom. Go to her and ask her what her parent's names are so that you can fill the empty spaces. She will surely be impressed and bid a yes to you for marriage.

Mehendi Pattern

Henna patterns with the name of the husband are common in Indian marriages. The color of Henna reveals how loving your husband will be. You can just carry a few printed copies of henna patterns with your name inscribed and suggest your lady love to make any of these for her marriage. An Indian woman with a little sense is sure to understand your intent and will sooner or later respond positively.

The Name Game

When your lady love addresses you by your name, you may just stop her and say that in our side husbands are not addressed by name. You may suggest a few pet names for yourself. If she loves you, she will smile and respond positively.

These simple tricks are sure to work and you will get your love. If you have any other useful suggestions that may work in the Indian scenario, kindly convey so that young men out here may be benefited.


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