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RSVP Cards For Wedding: Making Your Wedding A Well Planned Event!

RSVP Cards For Wedding: Making Your Wedding A Well Planned Event! by parekhcards 22/05/2015 at 4:00

Weddings are an important part of our life as it has so much of social significance and it's something that brings a lot of joy and happiness to all concerned. The wedding cards also play their part beautifully as they become a precious piece of memorabilia of the grand wedding!

RSVP Cards

Especially in India, wedding invites are given a lot of significance as they present the theme of the wedding to the guests. Selecting the cards is always a herculean task since the card symbolises the stature of the family, the unique style and planning of the wedding event which nowadays have different themes and different dress codes.

There is a lot of thought process involved before deciding the cards, such as planning the theme of wedding, venue, time, and other necessary aspects. Many people sometimes overlook the need of RSVP cards. Well, they have become the trend these days and they help in making the wedding a completely planned event with no surprises of inadequate seating arrangements or the wedding banquet becoming insufficient!

If you are wondering what exactly are RSVP cards then here is your answer. They can be a main invitation or an add-on in the main invitation which asks for a response from the guests. They are also known as response cards. The would-be couple leaves blank spaces in the cards for names, dinner choices, along with a questionnaire with check boxes that can be much helpful to arrange an event.

Questions might arise on how these cards help in planning the wedding. They might not lend 100% help, however they give a rough sketch and can give an ease to planning a huge wedding event. Nevertheless, these cards are confusing and interesting on the same platform.

In order to make the RSVP cards look interesting you can draft witty questions and equally hilarious answers! You can add check boxes with funny questions and answers like: I accept the card because I like you/I accept the card because I am your family member, I am coming with spouse/family, I am bringing kids who will sit at one place/who are imaginary, etc., etc. This method of reply looks confusing/humorous/unexpected/funny/effective!

The RSVPs can present how your wedding will be, and this is a safe way to figure out who all are coming to the event. If you want to add something extra in the cards, you can include some pictures also. This will be a humorous aspect in the card and will definitely bring a wide smile on the faces of your guests. These kinds of cards will provide a long lasting impact on the guests about your wedding.


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