If you planning your wedding, chances are you are looking for cost-effective ways of getting thing done. Your aim will be to get the best products and services at competitive rates. This also applies to wedding invitation cards, one of the most important parts of weddings.

How to Save Money on Wedding Invitation Cards

Here are some effective ways of saving money on wedding invitation cards:

Scan Around

Before you finalize the deal for getting your wedding invitation card printed, compare rates with different providers to get the best deals. Many wedding card suppliers offer good discounts for placing bulk orders. You can even search for suppliers online who offer great deals on wedding invitation and stationery.

Opt for Affordable Printing Techniques

Although engraved invite looks classy and beautiful, it may be an expensive option. Instead, you can opt for Thermography that creates the same effect at lesser prices. If you like to keep your invitation simple, laser printing is an affordable and feasible option.

Avoid Extra Charges

Intricate invitations with bows, papers in multiple layers, jackets and other forms of embellishments are quite in demand these days. However, they might be costly. In such cases, you can opt for simple invitation cards printed on fine quality paper, thus providing a classic look. Avoid lined envelopes, as they usually go unnoticed.

One Envelope

In ancient times, wedding invites were sent in two envelopes to prevent them from damage and to ensure their good condition. . However, in the present days, one can send wedding invitation through courier and mail and use just one envelope.

No Reception Card

If you plan to host the reception at the same place as the marriage, you need not have a separate reception invitation. You can instead get printed "reception to follow" on the same invitation card. Even if the reception is at some other place, you can write "reception to follow", at (name of the place) and attach a separate map guiding your guests to the reception location.


Often you would find a couple of errors on the wedding invite, which means you have to get it re-ordered by paying extra bucks. In such a situation, get some trusted colleagues and friends to closely scrutinize the invitation details. Ensure you have got the vital details, such as date, names, location, RSVP and time correct. This will spare you the extra cost of hiring a proofreader.

Order Extra Envelopes and Invitation Cards

It is always better to keep a few extra invitation cards and envelopes handy so that you are not caught off-guard. This might seem costly in the beginning, but will save you from the cost of reprinting and placing rush orders.

Keep these things in mind to save yourself from spending extra bucks on wedding invitation.