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Scientific Basis for Indian Wedding Rituals

Scientific Basis for Indian Wedding Rituals by parekhcards 21/01/2015 at 5:00

An Indian Wedding Invitation had many stages such as matchmaking, wedding invitation selection, pre-wedding, post-wedding etc. In this modern India, youngsters shy away from taking part in wedding rituals. You will be surprised to know that many of these activities have scientific benefits. Read this post to know more about scientific reasons behind these rituals.

Indian Wedding Rituals Indian Wedding Rituals | Image Resource :

The Mehendi (Henna) Ritual:

Every bride likes to have mehndi on her hand during her marriage. No matter what the religion is, a modern bride love the mehendi ceremony. According to the Indian tradition this ceremony is carried out to make the bride look beautiful.

Mehendi (Henna) Ritual Mehendi (Henna) Ritual | Image Resource :

The scientific reason : : Mehndi works an antiseptic and soothing agent on your skin. It is proven that application of henna can easen headache, stress as well as fever. It also helps nail growth. It can also prevent fungal and viral infections.

Halidi Ceremony :

This is another popular wedding ceremony where turmeric is applied on bride and grooms body respectively at their homes. It is believed the applying haldi brings natural glow to the face of the couple. It is also applied to ward off the evil and bad luck from the couple.

Halidi Ceremony Halidi Ceremony | Image Resource :

The scientific reason : Turmeric is termed as a wonder herb. It makes your skin glow by killing bacteria.

Bangle wearing :

Bangle wearing Bangle wearing | Image Resource :

An Indian bride looks incomplete without bangles. They amplify the beauty of a woman's wedding attire.

The scientific reason : A human hand has a lot of acupuncture point and often they are pressed by bangle which can help the bride to stay health. The friction generated between the bangle and skin optimizes the blood circulation.

Applying Sindoor(red vermilion powder) :

Applying Sindoor indicates that a woman is married.

Applying Sindoor Applying Sindoor | Image Resource :

The scientific reason : Sindoor contains a tiny amount of mercury which cools down the body and can help you feel relaxed. It also improves sexual drive. This is the reasons why unmarried women and widows don't wear sindoor.

Brides/married women wearing toe rings :

In many Hindu cultures, a bride wears a toe ring on her second toe.

Brides/married women wearing toe rings Brides/married women wearing toe rings | Image Resource :

The scientific reason : As they are made of silver, these rings are great conductor of energy. They conduct polar energy from the earth to the body. Second and the most important reason is that, the second toes consists of a nerve that is connected to the heart by passing through the uterus. Wearing this ring maintains the menstrual cycle and strengthens the uterus.

The Holy Fire :

The Holy Fire The Holy Fire | Image Resource :

The scientific reason : During the wedding ceremony, various ingredients are out in the fire. When these herbs, rice, wood and ghee burns it produces smoke that acts as a purification agent. It not only affects the health of the couple sitting next to it but allows the people attending the marriage ceremony.


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