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Select A Memorable Wedding Invitation In A Simple Way

Select A Memorable Wedding Invitation In A Simple Way by parekhcards 23/01/2016 at 1:00

We all wish to invite all our near and dear ones to celebrate special days of our life. A wedding is such a special moment where we seek blessings and good wishes of all our close ones. Inviting simply by words is not just enough rather a formal invitation has to be sent to each of our close ones for their presence on our D-day.

A wedding invitation gives a hint of the theme of your wedding to your guests and what all events they will get to see on your D-day. The card not only gives the details regarding the venue, date and time, but also few other crucial details. So the wordings on the invitations matters a lot. Also, the wedding invitations have seen changes over the years in terms of its designs and content, ranging from traditional themes to the modernized version.

Memorable Wedding Invitation Memorable Wedding Invitation

A bride and a groom should analyze and consider all the different aspects that go into their personalised wedding invitations. The factors that they should consider are:

  • Size
  • Stock
  • Typefaces
  • Monograms


There are various events and things which are planned keeping in mind the preference and strength of the guests. For such things, it becomes vital to know about the total number of guests expected out of the total invitees sent. Like for e.g; to arrange for meal varieties and for the accommodation of guests, the number is crucial. For this purpose, one will want to include a response card that carries the options and conformity.

An example of such type is, " please respond by" and the date. For those invited guests who would not be able to attend your function, would wish to write a personal message for you. For such people, it's always better to leave an area where they will write a personal message.

Trends In Invites

Nowadays, the various designer wedding cards are available. Various different types of materials are used in making them. Materials like cashmere papers, handmade elements such as dried flowers and intricate designs which looks like as if cut by hand are popular.

Also, many invites features personal touches like childhood or current photographs of the bride and the groom with customized design in custom ink shade.

So, select attractive and highly reasonable invitations with varied designs and invite your near and dear ones for your D-day.

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