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Set The Mood Of Your Wedding With Perfect Wedding Cards

Set The Mood Of Your Wedding With Perfect Wedding Cards by parekhcards 11/12/2015 at 2:30

When a couple decides to get married, they wish to invite all their friends, family and well-wishers to bless them at the commencement of a new journey of their life. To do so, the wedding cards or wedding invites forms one of the crucial items among the overall wedding accessory. The invitations are considered one of the necessary parts of planning a wedding because they set the tone of what guests are to expect on the D-day and accordingly help the host to prepare for the main event.

Importance of Wedding Invitations:

Before your guests get to see anything about your wedding, the foremost thing that catches their attention is the wedding cards. It's the very first impression that your guests will have about your wedding. It's rightly said that " First impression is the last impression"! If your wedding invites leaves a lasting mark on your guest's mind, they are surely going to have a blissful memory of your wedding day. For this, your wedding cards need to be a bit extraordinary which will make it stand out from the others.

Perfect Wedding Cards

Perfect Wedding Cards

Now, once the look of your wedding card has been decided, the next question that arises is what all information needs to be added to the card? Your card should be informative enough that gives a clear picture of the various rituals and also make them reach to the wedding venue easily. It is very necessary to include clear information such as location, times and other significant details.

The wedding card or wedding invite that is the formal communication between you and your guests should give a sneak peek of what to expect to your guests. For this purpose, nowadays the details are not just printed on the card instead the card consist of 2-3 or more pamphlets each set of different rituals. This pattern also makes your job of inviting specific guests for different occasions easy.

Choosing a design for a wedding card of your choice and in your budget is quite easy these days. There are various companies as well as online services which are there to look after your need. They take care of your requirements like your ideas about designs, budget, color and theme. According to your requirement, the card dealers show you multiple samples that makes your job easier.

Types of Wedding Cards:

Earlier the wedding cards used to be more or less the same. It reflected tradition and culture of a region. With time and modern advancement in every sphere of life, the wedding cards also got modified.

Engraved Wedding Invitations: Such wedding cards are one of the most expensive ones. For people who have no issue with spending lavishly for a wedding; engraved wedding cards are mostly chosen by them.

Thermo Graphed Wedding Cards: Wedding cards which are less expensive than the engraved ones are the thermo graphed wedding cards. In such types of cards, dry particles are mix with the ink which lends it an elegant and unique look.

Traditional Wedding Cards: Traditional cards have been most popular till date among the masses who wish to follow proper traditional rituals throughout the wedding. Here, white or thick ivory sheet is used on which images of God are crafted mainly " Ganesha" and "Radha Krishna". These two images hold a very strong significance; Radha Krishna symbolizes the new couple new journey and Ganesha as a good luck. A bit of embellishment on such cards is done by shiny stones of multiple colors.

There has been a lot of advancement in the wedding aspects since ages, but the bond and the emotions are still the same. The values and the customs are still close to the heart of people. The technological advancement has made everything easier keeping the tradition intact. The family and friends still enjoy the festivities with full zest and vigor.

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