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Some Unique Wedding Cards India Prides In

Some Unique Wedding Cards India Prides In by parekhcards 31/10/2014 at 4:00

Have a look at the unique wedding cards India prides in which have existed in India since many generations. These unique designs and patterns surely reveal the rich artistic tastes of the sons of this soil.

Peacock Feather

Thanks to Lord Krishna and his attachment for the ornamental peacock feather, most makers of wedding cards India come up with unique invitations that have peacock feather designs. These are very common on the envelopes. Some of the card makers have a beautiful peacock feather inside the invitation too. These look impressive and have been common in wedding cards all over India since many decades.

Peacock Feather Peacock Feather | Image Resource :


It is difficult to comment whether the Paisley designs are a contribution of the Mughals or whether they have existed here long before their arrival to India. These designs look artistic and easily lure the guests to be a part of the wedding event. Some of the cards are even shaped like the Paisley pattern.

Paisley Paisley | Image Resource :


Flowers always create a soothing effect on the minds of people. Floral wedding invites are the best way to make your guests feel welcome to your wedding ceremony. There are several wedding invitations that have impressive floral patterns that impress guests.

Floral Floral | Image Resource :


Ganeshji is the remover of all troubles. Each couple seeks blessings from Lord Ganesha to ensure that he wards off evil. Many wedding cards also have images of Lord Ganesha. These are surely a great way to invite your guests.

Ganeshji Ganeshji | Image Resource :

Radhe Krishna

Lord Krishna has always been an epitome of romance as per the Hindu mythology. The romantic couples opt to have the image of Radhe Krishna on their wedding cards. These designs are totally Indian and passed on from generation to generation.

Radhe Krishna Radhe Krishna | Image Resource :

Baraat Pattern

Baraat Pattern Baraat Pattern | Image Resource :

Most of the Indian weddings have a huge baraat that comes to pick the bride. There are several wedding invitations that are inspired from this particular ritual. These are ideal for luxurious couples who wish to reveal their royal taste to their guests.


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