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The Brides Crowning Glory: Making All Eyes Turn Towards You And All Heads Swoon!

The Brides Crowning Glory: Making All Eyes Turn Towards You And All Heads Swoon! by parekhcards 25/08/2015 at 3:00

They say tresses speak a thousand languages. In Indian culture, lustrous long hair is supposed to be a mark of beauty. Come wedding season the fine art of coiffure is something which tops the list of all brides to be. No matter what leaps we Indians have made into fashion funda, when it comes to a wedding, all fashion experts swear that brides still wish to go for traditional hairstyles. This is indeed a matter of pride and prestige and of course nothing can beat this ultimate traditional look!

Come to think of it, who would have imagined that hair styling would be so much in demand as the days progressed towards modernity.But then it is a known fact that since ancient times hair do's were always given a lot of importance, in all culture and religions. They guaranteed that brides looked gorgeously chic, yet traditional.

Here's looking into the Top Indian Wedding Hair styles that suit the Indian Bride, based on different cultures.

Simple Southern Tress

South Indian Hair style South Indian Hair style | Image Resource :

Go south, and the bride has a long braid, fully embellished with flowers and gold decorative work and it goes without saying that this hairstyle truly compliments the silk Kancheevaram saree she wears.

Go Bonkers Over Bengali Headdress

Bengali Hair style Bengali Hair style | Image Resource :

Observing the Bengali culture, the ensemble here is all gold and white, with blood red vermillion on the forehead. The best style for such a set-up is simplicity. Curling the hair in gentle curls is very becoming and charming. And hair upswept in a high bun with a red hibiscus flower adds to the beauty.

Traditional Maharashtrian Coiffure

Maharashtrian Hair style Maharashtrian Hair style | Image Resource :

Usually we find Marathi brides with a simple bun. But the bun is adorned with gold hair pins. Fresh garland of tiny white mogra flowers wrapped around the hair bun is enough to set hearts racing. The Navwari, meaning the nine yard saree draped in the traditional style, and a nose pin, called Nathni is enough to set the bride apart.

Northern Hairdo's

Talking of the North, it at once conjures up images of grandeur and stylish styles. Something which sets their hair styles apart are the Maang-Tikka's.Just wear it in the parting of the crown and then the possibilities are un-ending. Leave the hair loose, braid it or have a puffed up or simple or high bun. The Maang-Tikka is the embellishments which will high-light any kind of hair style of the bride.

Fusion Hair-Do's

Popularly known as the Fusion Style, this consists of an eclectic mixture of the traditional and contemporary style. One can opt for a low chignon or a high bun. Loose hair portioned in the middle, or hair swept on one side.

Hair is Here To Stay

So during a wedding season the rush is on to see how best the hair can be styled and groomed. There have been instances of very beautiful bride's beauty not being enhanced, during their big day, all thanks to choosing the wrong hair style.

Healthy Hair Tips

  • Eat healthy so that hair glows with health and vitality
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  • Nourish hair with best oils
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Braid it Right Brides

The hair style has to be chosen, keeping in mind the shape of the face.

Just jazz up the hair style with hair accessories and stylish ensemble and watch everyone sit up and take notice of the lovely hairstyle sported by the bride and you are sure to make everyone swoon!


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