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The Creative New Trends In Wedding Cards From India

The Creative New Trends In Wedding Cards From India by parekhcards 30/10/2014 at 6:00

Indians have always been slow in accepting new trends. They always prefer to adhere to the age old customs and traditions. The internet has made many unique trends in wedding cards popular among Indians. Here are some very prominent examples of wedding cards from India that are truly distinct and ahead of the times.

Boat Shaped Folded Invitations

Indians are always pleased to reveal their origins through their wedding card designs. Boat shaped wedding invitations are definitely an artistic option for people hailing from coastal regions like Goa and Kerala to reveal their origins.

Boat Shaped Folded Invitations Boat Shaped Folded Invitations | Image Resource :

Wedding Cards That Flaunt Indian Artistry

Indians have always been keen artists. Why not try and send across some artistic wedding invitations that reveal artistic heritage of our nation. Beautifully painted dry leaves are ideal wedding invitations for the art loving Indian couples.

Flaunt Indian Artistry Flaunt Indian Artistry | Image Resource :

Royal Fan Indian Wedding Card

The Indians have always been impressed by monarchy and dictatorship. The old Durbars and palaces had some lovely additions which may now be used as inspiration for wedding card designing. The fan shaped wedding cards from India is one such example.

Royal Fan Indian Wedding Card Royal Fan Indian Wedding Card | Image Resource :

The Rangoli Welcome For Wedding Guests

Wedding cards are sent to invite guests and need to be colorful and impressive just like Rangolis. Modern wedding invitations inspired from acrylic Rangolis are a great way to invite guests.

Rangoli Rangoli | Image Resource :

Quilled Art Indian Wedding Cards

Paper quilling is popular in India. Opting for quilled paper wedding invitations are a great way to impress your Indian relatives. There are countless designs that can be found made from paper quilling. They look great and are even easy to make at home if you wish to do so.

Quilled Art Indian Wedding Cards Quilled Art Indian Wedding Cards | Image Resource :

These are some unique ways to invite your Indian guests. These methods are modern and yet most Indians will surely relate to them.


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