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The Dos And Don'ts In An Indian Wedding

The Dos And Don'ts In An Indian Wedding by parekhcards 16/07/2014 at 6:00

Got a wedding card from India & planning to visit an Indian wedding for the first time? In that case, this blog post can be extremely useful to you. There are some dos and don'ts in an Indian wedding which you need to know. It will help to prevent any issues or misconceptions that may originate due to your ignorance.

Avoid Black Or White Attire

In India, white and black are strictly avoided during occasions like marriage. Marriage is supposed to be a pious bond. White and black are regarded as bland shades and they are strictly avoided during wedding or similar occasions. It is very sad because often we find many attractive outfits and attires in these two shades.

Do Not Expect A Short Wedding

If you are planning to attend an Indian marriage, be prepared to stay there for at least a week. Indian weddings last at least a week and you must be prepared for the occasion. If you think you can just wish the couple and return, you must be aware that Indian weddings have many small yet significant events and each of these events are definitely worth attending.

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The sangeet is a function when the two families mingle and have fun. They sing, dance and have fun. This is one great chance for the families to mingle.

The henna function is also another fun function where all the women in the family have their palms beautified with henna patterns.

The haldi function which was initially a north Indian custom is now seen all over India. The women of the family apply turmeric on the body of the bride.

Be prepared to attend all these functions when you plan to attend a Hindu wedding.

Carry A Gift

Even when the people write in the greeting cards that they do not expect gifts, carry a nominal gift as a part of the ritual to bless the couple. This will surely please the couple. If you don't carry a gift, you may become the odd man out.


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