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The New Age Indian Wedding Invitation Trends

The New Age Indian Wedding Invitation Trends by parekhcards 13/08/2014 at 5:00

You want your wedding to be special. You want every single aspect of your wedding to be remembered for the years to come. So here are some Indian wedding invitation trends that are not just stylish and unique but are also a class apart.

Musical Wedding Cards

If you want something really different, you may opt for musical wedding cards. These can have music that resembles the different wedding ceremonies of India. Each wedding celebration of India has a different music associated with it. You can have the music of the Nagada when you open a Punjabi card while you may have the music of the Nadaswaram when you have the card for a South Indian wedding.

Indian Wedding Invitation Trends Indian Wedding Invitation Trends | Image Resource :

Bollywood Style Cards

The Indian public is extremely inspired by the Bollywood movies. Just imagine having wedding cards that resemble the posters of Bollywood films. Your guests will have the same joy they have when they are invited for a film's premier. There can be colorful images of the bride and the groom as the hero and the heroine of the film. It is a lovely idea and the public are sure to approve of it.

The Internet E-style Cards

The internet rules the minds of the modern generation.You may actually duplicate the internet world by going for e-cards for your wedding. You may even opt for card designs that are quite similar to various internet websites. The younger generation can surely approve of it.

Theme Wedding Cards

The modern generation has a lot of unique ideas regarding weddings. They want weddings based on specific themes. It is a great idea to have invitations that are based on the same theme. There are several benefits of opting for this style.

  • There are many design options based on each theme
  • It helps to create a sequence for the entire wedding which is definitely interesting
  • Guests are sure to feel special in themed weddings

Buy from reliable wedding card retailers after checking the following aspects:

  • The retailer's experience
  • The number of unique options
  • His reputation
  • Rates of cards


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