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Things Every Man Should Reflect On Before Getting Married

Things Every Man Should Reflect On Before Getting Married by parekhcards 19/11/2014 at 3:00

According to the Indian culture, marriage is considered as a union of two souls. Our country has different religions but the concept of marriage remains the same in all. In various cultures across the world, it is seen that men often have an upper hand in a marriage.

In India, many women are exploited physically, mentally and emotionally by their in-laws and husband. If you support gender equality then in a marriage it is important to treat each other with respect and dignity.

So here are some things that every guy should think about before getting married :

Say "NO" to dowry : In almost every region in India taking dowry is considered as a ritual. The value of dowry is determined on various aspects such as caste, qualification, job of the groom etc. Many wealthy families willingly give dowry and they often term dowry as "gifts". Thousands of women across the country have been tortured in the name of dowry.

Say Say "NO" to dowry | Image Resource :

Grand wedding expenses : Often the groom's family demand for a lavish wedding irrespective of their financial background. These huge expenses have to be met by the bride's family. Even expense of printing a spectacular Indian Wedding Invitation is made by the bride's father. This practice is as cruel as dowry. As a responsible partner, you must either go for a simple wedding or share the expenses.

Grand wedding expenses Grand wedding expenses | Image Resource :

Taking the surname : Often men expect their wives to take their surname after marriage. Modern women may often prefer to keep their family name. As her husband, you must support her decision rather than questioning her commitment.

Stop being judgemental : Indian men often judge a woman on factors such as past relationships, virginity, height, skin color and clothing. A woman who has had many relationships in the past or who dresses in a particular way is not considered as "marriage material". Having such a narrow minded thinking can often lead to problems after marriage.

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As modern men it is our responsibility to create a better society for our grandchildren. So before you decide to write down your wedding vows make sure to think about the above mentioned points.


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