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Things To Consider For Having A Satisfying Arranged Marriage!

Things To Consider For Having A Satisfying Arranged Marriage! 24/01/2015 at 3:00

Indian culture has been able to keep people's faith in marriage. Arranged marriages are amongst some of the most important aspects of Indian culture. If you want an arranged marriage then make sure you start thinking about the following factors.

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We know that age should not be a barrier for love. However, if you prefer arranged marriage then age is considered as an important factor. According to the studies and researches, the appropriate age of men is 25 -30 and women it is 21-26.

Undertaking a person:

This is the biggest issue that people face with arranged marriages. How do you understand a person in your first few meetings? The way to do so is by discussing your feelings and thoughts about that person with somebody close.

Your Ideal Match:

Nobody is perfect in this world. As mentioned above you may need to compromise a bit. If you are looking for the woman/man of your dreams with a huge set of qualities then you may never find that person.

Self evaluation:

Often people are unaware of their real expectations. So, jot down things that you expect from you future husband/wife. Make sure to keep them realistic and achievable. Your expectations may not always be reasonable so try to compromise on a few aspects.

Financial stability:

The financial stability of a couple plays a very important role in an arranged marriage. Couples who don't take this factor into consideration may often find it difficult to adjust to each other's lifestyle.

Looks Doesn't Matter:

Arranged marriage is all about finding the right person with a sensibility similar to yours. Beauty and looks can take a back seat. The appearance of an individual should never overshadow his/her personality.


As humans, it is necessary that we conduct ourselves in a civilized way. See how he or she treats other people. A person who cannot treat other with dignity may do the same with you. Evaluate how that person conducts himself/herself.


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