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Things To Consider While Choosing Hindu Wedding Card

Things To Consider While Choosing Hindu Wedding Cards by parekhcards 17/09/2014 at 12:00

In Hindu culture, there is a Sanskrit saying "Atithi Devo Bhava" which means "Guests are like God". The Hindus believe that God comes in various forms. According to the Indian traditions, it is a responsibility of the family to offer comfort to every guest.

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When we are thinking of choosing the right wedding invitation, we must also think about the guests. You can find plenty of Hindu wedding cards that will help you communicate with your guest and express your thoughts. While choosing an invitation, make sure you get one that suits your taste and the wedding settings.

It is important to send wedding invites to all important people. In India, people will not show up in a wedding uninvited. Even your close friends, relatives and family may not attend your wedding if you don't invite them.

This is the reason why Indians pay so much attention to finding the right wedding card designs. Since there are so many options, choosing the right wedding card can be tough. Before you start looking for Hindu wedding cards make sure you understand different aspects of a Hindu invitation.

Here are some of the elements that you must keep in mind :

Type : There are different structures for a Hindu wedding card. There are different types of cards such the scrolls, one-sided cards, Two-sided invitation, custom shaped wedding invitations etc. You should also pick your wedding card envelope carefully.

Colors : Apart from the structure, the color of the wedding invitation is also important. It should also go well with your wedding arrangement. If your wedding venue is decorated in pink then a yellowish wedding card may not compliment the setting of the venue.

Designs : Various designs can be chosen for a wedding. Some of the most popular designs/symbols are Motifs, Swastika, Lamp, Joined hands etc

Words: The message you choose is also important. Some people add their personal message and some print famous quotes.


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