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Things To Know About Wedding Invitations

Things To Know About Wedding Invitations by parekhcards 23/07/2014 at 3:00

One of the most crucial tasks after getting engaged is inviting the guests for your wedding day. The proper way of inviting a guest is through wedding invitation card. Here are some of the aspects related to invitation cards that you need to know :

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  • Choose the right type of wedding invitation

The type of invitation you choose is very crucial to the wedding. Your designer wedding cards should match the theme of your wedding. If you are confused then it is prefered that you choose a scroll invitation.

No card design is elegant and classy as the scroll invitation. If you are having a traditional wedding then you should go for a traditional card. You will find plenty of traditional Hindu, Muslim and Christian wedding card designs. Many people prefer to buy wedding cards online, which is a great option if you are busy with other wedding activity.

  • Choose the Right Words

You need to personally choose what you need to write in your wedding invitation. The guests who see your hard work, thought and effort will definitely make it a point to participate in your wedding and give their blessings.

It is advised that you use a self written poem or quote rather than just usual words. This makes your invitation card more personal to the reader.

  • Check the Spelling

Before printing your wedding card, make sure to recheck every single word in your wedding card. Before the final print ask for a sample print, check for spelling and grammatical errors. Show it to your friends and family and ask for their opinions. Approve your card for final printing only if you are 200% sure about it.

  • Choose the Right Calligraphy

In ancient times, wedding invitations were created by calligraphist and skilled craftsmen. However, thanks to the advancement in technology today, anybody can design a wedding card from their home computer.

Your computer's word processor offers you with countless beautiful writing styles and fonts. You can also download additional styles or fonts from the internet. However, choose a font or style that is readable.

  • Addressing the Guest

Addressing the right person is very important. Often people make spelling error in the name of the guest. This ruins your impression, no matter how spectacular your card is. Misspelling names or surnames can also irritate people.

So make sure to take time and check the name and write it beautifully on your card. You can also ask someone with calligraphic skills to help you out. Often couples hire calligrapher specially for this purpose.

  • The Right Time to Send Invitations

Make sure to send the invitations at least a month prior to the wedding day. This allows the guest to adjust their schedule, so that they could attend your wedding. Everybody is busy with their daily schedules and priorities, so avoid last minute invitations. It is advised to send "save the date card".


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