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Top Five Interesting Facts About The Indian Wedding

Top Five Interesting Facts About The Indian Wedding by parekhcards 16/07/2014 at 11:00

In India, weddings are one of the most prominent incidents in a man's lifetime. People in any state of India always look forward to a wedding with lot of excitement. Here we have listed out 10 very interesting facts about the Indian matrimony that is sure to surprise one and all.

A Bond For A Lifetime

The Indians regard marriage as a once in a lifetime event. It is an event of great importance in a person's life. The celebration for the event is also great as it is an important part of our life. When you marry a person, the Hindu custom believes that you are bound to the person for a lifetime.

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Seven Vows

A Hindu marriage involves seven marriage vows which the couple take by taking rounds of the sacred fire. The vows include the promise of feeding each other, saving money together, loving parents and kids, being companions for life and prospering together.

Significance Of Henna

Henna is applied on the girl's palms and legs. The name of the future husband is also written on the palm using Henna. It is said that if the color of the Henna stays longer, the girl will have a loving and caring husband.

Laxmi's Footsteps

In many Indian households it is believed that a wife or a daughter-in-law brings home wealth and money. Her footprints are made on the floor of the entire household. It is regarded as lucky for the house.

First Invitation Cards

In the Indian Hindu families, the Indian wedding cards are first given to the bride's and groom's families. This tradition is followed in most cultures of India as the families are definitely the first relatives of the bride and the groom.

These simple customs clearly reveal that the Indians impart a lot of importance to weddings and marriages. They use weddings as a means to strengthen the bonds and relations. An Indian wedding event is thus a lot more than mere celebration. It is a means to grow the existing relations and bonds.


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