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Traditional Wear By The Islamic Couples On Their Wedding

Traditional Wear By The Islamic Couples On Their Wedding by parekhcards 23/03/2015 at 6:00

Islam is a religion that is spread throughout the world. When you get any Islamic cards you start preparing yourself for attending the Islamic wedding. Now like every other religion, even in Islamic wedding there are certain dress codes that are worn by the couple and the family members of the couple. Thus, when you attend such marriage party, you also need to be in the same type of dresses or else you may look like the odd one out!

Islamic Couples in traditional wear Islamic Couples in traditional wear | Image Resource :

Traditional wear of Islamic Brides

If you know better what the Islamic brides would wear you may design your dress accordingly. Generally the Muslim brides wear traditional dresses and decorate their hands and feet with Henna designs that are beautiful and intricate.

In some countries following Islam, you would find the bride wearing Salwar Kameez that is a dress that is divided into two parts, the Kameez and the Salwar. Kameez is the upper part of the dress. Generally it is designed intricately and has beautiful stitching techniques with designs made out of Zari. Presently, the modern brides may wear Kameez that are body hugging and shows off their beauty more.

Salwar on the other hand is the lower part and resembles a trouser. It too is designed and has different fits according to the choice of the bride. Some brides prefer to wear Guntiino, which are brightly colored and designed. They are of full length and resemble Indian Sarees. Along with it they wear head covering or the Garbasaar and a slip called Googaro that is worn underneath the dress. Along with the beautiful dress they wear golden jewellery that makes them look out of the world!

Traditional wear of Islamic Grooms

The minute you open Islamic Wedding cards, you get to catch a glimpse of the color and gaiety of the marriage to be attended. Any marriage is incomplete without the groom and they also wear different dresses that make them look handsome. The most common dress is Sherwani and it's a very beautiful traditional costume. These are intricately designed and make the groom look special on their special day.


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