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Unique Gifts For Best Men In A Modern Wedding

Unique Gifts For Best Men In A Modern Wedding by parekhcards 30/07/2014 at 5:00

The best men play a great role in your wedding. It is thus vital that you gift them something truly memorable. It can be quite difficult selecting a gift. Here are some unique ideas to help you out.

Wine Glasses

Wine glasses are a great gift as you have a wide array of options even in these. There are artistically painted wine glasses, designer wine glasses, vintage wine glasses and even simple wine glasses. Make sure to purchase them from a known store as you cannot rely on the quality of wine glasses from roadside shops.

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Gold Plated Engraved Lighters

If your best man has the habit of smoking, you may gift him a beautiful gold plated lighter. Many of these lighters are even engraved making them look very classy. Purchase the glasses only after thorough research. You may get the glass really cheap in some stores.

Branded Suit

The modern generation believes in brands. Gifting your best man a branded suit will surely impress him. Go for the most recent designs and styles as fashion changes pretty fast.


Titan, Timex and Rolex always have a whole new range of watches every year. You may go for one of the latest models to gift your best man. It will be a useful gift for him.


Men always need a good pair of shoes to go with their outfit. Shoes would be a great choice for your best man. The modern shoes go with different formal occasions and look truly fabulous.

Some things to keep in mind while choosing a gift for the best man:

  • Opt for gifts that are useful
  • Go for gifts that are trending
  • Do not purchase outfits if you are not sure of the size
  • Ask what he would like if you are close to him
  • Research websites to know the approximate rates


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