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Unique Wedding Car Choice And Decoration Suggestions

Unique Wedding Car Choice And Decoration Suggestions by parekhcards 18/07/2014 at 11:00

The Indian wedding is always showy and pompous. The entire baraat and the marriage ceremony is colorful and joyous. The wedding car needs to be selected wisely and decorated beautifully to complete the wedding. Here are some insights on selection of wedding car and its decoration. Hope it proves useful to you.

Choice of Wedding Car

There are many factors you need to consider while selecting a wedding car. Here I have listed a few of the major factors:

  • The wedding car model.

  • The wedding car interiors.

  • Check whether the wedding car is spacious.

  • Select an air conditioned wedding car.

  • Color of the wedding car.

  • The rent for the wedding car on a per hour basis.

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White Wedding Car

You may go for white cars if you are taking a married couple. The best part of a white wedding car is that it can be easily decorated. You also have multiple options for decoration of a white wedding car.

Car Models

India is a nation that boasts of variety not just in culture and tradition but also in the wedding car. You will find a vast number of car models being hired to transport a married couple. The traditional style was an Ambassador or a Fiat but today you should not be surprised to find the new generation couple travel in a Nano.

Hire a car from some known car dealer. This will help you get the car on rent for a reasonable amount. If you go to hire the car at the last moment, they may charge your exhorbitantly for a few hours.

Car Decorations

You can adorn white cars with beautiful red roses. The contrast created is just too perfect. You may even opt for one huge flower bouquet at the front of the car. This looks graceful if you prefer subtle decoration. You may even decorate your car with lovely laces and satin ribbons. Select the decoration based on the theme of the wedding. This ensures that everything related to your marriage remains in sync.

Eco-friendly Car Decorations

The eco-friendly trend is catching up. The wedding cards from India are also designed using eco-friendly materials. If you wish to catch up with the 'go green' trend, you must opt for cloth rose decorations and other eco-friendly decorations for your wedding car. This does not harm the surrounding in any way.


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