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Unique Wedding Themes For The Indian Brides And Grooms

Unique Wedding Themes For The Indian Brides And Grooms by parekhcards 21/07/2014 at 11:00

Marriage is a once in a lifetime occasion and you need to arrange it to perfection so that it remains in your memory for a lifetime. You can go for theme weddings if you want to give it a look of class. Here are some lovely ideas for theme weddings which may fascinate you.

Season Themes

Most people opt for marriage themes based on seasons. Every single aspect of the wedding changes with the season you choose. This theme is more popular abroad. Here we have listed out a few of the common season themes that Indians would love to opt for.

Summer Theme

If you have a summer theme wedding, make sure you go for a vibrant yellow or red sari. Heavy gold jewelry will go well with the loud Indian attire. It would be best to conduct the wedding in an air conditioned hall as the summers are getting hotter. Your groom may wear a simple dhoti kurta or traditional outfit to match your attire.

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Winter Theme

The winters aren't very cold in India. You may go for a ground or an open space as a venue for your winter wedding. You may opt for pink Sari or blue Sari for your wedding. Artificial jewelry and matching heels go well with such attires. Your husband can wear a white Sherwani or a silver Sherwani to match your outfit.

Spring Theme

Season of flowers and blooms offer the greatest variety of wedding decorations. You can select a wide range of attractive and loud shades for a spring themed wedding. You can also decorate your car with bouquets of flowers.

Autumn Theme

Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness also deserves celebrations in mellow shades and hues. Let your hubby wear vibrant yellow or gold Sherwani while you may wear a showy red Sari.

Monsoon Theme

While weddings in monsoons are rare, it still needs to be celebrated in full form. You may go for embroidered saris with a lot of heavy work in a combination of blues and purples. Stone jewelry go best with these shades.

Regional Themes

The wedding decoration, colors, hues and preparation also vary with the region. You may add your regional touch to the wedding by selecting the appropriate dresses and even the flavors correctly.

Wedding Card To Match The Wedding Theme

When you choose a wedding theme, select Indian wedding invitation cards designs that go well with the selected theme. This ensures that all the elements of the marriage are in sync with each other.


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