1. Some Ideas About Indian Wedding Mandap Decoration

    In a traditional Indian wedding ceremony, the mandap is the place where the actual marriage happens. After completing all the rituals like exchanging garlands, walking around the sacred fire seven times, marriage vows, the whole marriage procedure completes. These all rituals takes place inside the mandap in the presence of your family members, friends, who shower flowers on the couples, take pictures and much more. That is why decorating the mandap is as important as maintaining all the pre and post-wedding rituals to have a successful marriage ceremony. Before decorating the mandap, make sure that the decoration matches the overall design and the theme of the marriage.

    Below are some following ideas for decorating an Indian wedding mandap, from here you can take suggestions and also can share them with your friends and family members as well.

    List Of Ideas Of Decorating An Indian Wedding Mandap

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  2. What All Include in Your Indian Wedding Card

    Indian Wedding Card

    Indian Wedding Card |

    As weddings grew more elaborate in planning and designing so did the wedding invitation cards. Wedding invitations are considered a valuable feature of a wedding planand thus its preparation and distribution are undertaken with the utmost care. This has been true for cultures across India regardless of religion.

    The Indian wedding card however can be daunting for some due to how much detail and planninggoes

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