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Wedding planners: The Unsung Heroes In Weddings!

Wedding planners: The Unsung Heroes In Weddings! 19/02/2015 at 12:00

Looking at the great Pyramid at Giza, Eiffel Tower in Paris, Taj Mahal in Agra, we salute the sharp brains and the sturdy man power behind all of this. Wait a minute; planning a wedding is as tedious as building monuments and creating histories! Indian Weddings especially are roller coaster rides you take with your family and friends which start a couple of months before the big day.

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Apart from some families, those who are nervous to handle it all, go for experts' help. They are the experienced, priceless and knowledgeable Wedding Planners. These guys run around sometimes with pencils behind their ears, busy cell phones and little appetite like it's as if their wedding that is going to happen.

These angels in disguise practically look after the alpha and omega of your wedding ceremony. Right from picking up the invitation cards to instructing the bride for a beauty- sleep the previous night, the wedding planners practically live, eat and sleep on phone calls and post-its.

Indian Weddings are a mishmash of tradition, authenticity and many pre- wedding ceremonies. To plan the weddings and execute the nuptials' timetable is a hard task.

These swift and techy geniuses plan a satisfying bachelor's party, allot the days for Mehendi and Sangeeth celebrations, assign photo sessions, appoint patient videographers and strike the technical backdrop like audio and lights for the whole town to hear and see.

The Indian Wedding Planners are quiet creative with the right choice of the bride's outfit and also good in convincing the bridesmaid to dress- up. They really do a wonderful job in making the venue a fairy- tale one with exceptional decorations, delightful flowers, light settings and most of all, a picture perfect name board for the couple.

With every traditions they remember even if the elders forget, one outstanding deed they do whole heartedly is the hospitality they show for the guests keeping in mind their transportation and accommodation from the moment they arrive.

Making arrangements for the wedding feast no matter the crowd is an easy walk for them. With every celebration being a hit, they are always the mega- minds behind the stage and the true unsung heroes of a blissful wedding.


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