1. Popular Printing Techniques Applied In Indian Wedding Invitations

    There is no stop to marriages in India, as it is considered to be the most important event in anyone's life. As an Indian, you should have received numerous wedding cards every month, and the process will still be on its track. There is a huge variety of invitations, from fascinating themes to stunning designs, from attractive colors to smart wordings, and the list is long! Not everyone has much knowledge in every element; however, this piece of article will focus on some printing jargons used in the printing industry of wedding invites. The information can even help in understanding the method of printing such cards.

    Indian Wedding Invitations

    Blind embossing: This is a process of

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  2. Play The Best Songs On Your Wedding day For Grand Bridal Entry

    The sweet and enchanting aroma while walking on the roads in the late season mesmerizes your mind and softly tickles your soul. It is the wonderful wedding day that waits for the bride and grooms to complete the story of togetherness. The wonderful wedding day is always special for any bride and groom. Every girls dream is to get a perfect wedding and it can be more beautiful with a fantastic wedding song. The entry of a bride into a home quite exciting and when the song will sing by someone dear ones that time, the bride would feel more happy and comfortable.

    Grand Bridal Entry Grand Bridal Entry | Image Resource :

    Choose the Exclusive Songs According to the Theme

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  3. How You Should Choose The Designer Wedding Card?

    When the wedding preparations begin, there are a lot of things to be taken care of. One among all the important activities is choosing the right shadi or wedding invites. These invitations are a must to invite the special friends and relatives in your marriage and seek their good wishes. However, a common question that arises is how to go about with picking up and printing the best invites. In order to please the guests, an attractive invitation is a must. This also helps in creating the best memories of your important day.

    designer wedding card india

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  4. Modern Muslim Wedding Invitation Wordings Hold The Intensity Of Ethnic Beauty Well

    Are you thinking to make Islamic wedding invitation wordings unique that looks catchy for the guests? Then the selection of appropriate wording is highly required. But, where to get modern wedding card wordings that hold the ethnic flavor of Islamic beauty? Can the retail outlets make Muslim wedding invitation wordings wonderful yet widespread? The answers to these questions must be cleared before availing the option to buy a magnificent card along with sweet-sounding wordings.

    Muslim Wedding Invitation Wordings

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  5. The New Wedding Concept Of Go Green Catching Up

    Eco-friendly Wedding Invitation Card Eco-friendly Wedding Invitation Card | Image Resource:

    People of the present generation are very choosy. They want everything perfect and have their choices set. They have unique ideas which are quite different from the previous generation. They wish to mend the wrongs. They want to be trend setters. That could be the reason why the modern ways of inviting for a wedding are definitely more logical.

    Inviting Guests Online

    The trend of inviting guests online is very popular in the modern generation. Check out the merits of some of the new age invitation techniques.

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    • A Sneak-peek Of the Wedding Journey Of Bollywood Heartthrob Shahid Kapoor!

      Like all celebrities, the bachelorette celebrations of the Bollywood star Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput was also done with great fanfare. On Saturday night May 16th, 2015, close friends of Mira Rajput hosted a bridal shower for her in her Chattarpur farm residence. The guest list included close friends of Mira and the whole place was tastefully decorated with pictures of the couple.

      Shahid Kapoor Wedding Shahid Kapoor Wedding | Image Resource:

      The news that is spreading like a wild fire is that this couple plans to tie the knot on June 2015 and the venue is supposed to be the exotic Greece! It is being said that

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    • 12 Makeup Hacks That Every Girl Should Be Aware Of

      Every woman loves to makeup adequately, to make herself look best among others. But elaborate makeup is a tiresome act for many girls, mainly for the working women. So they lookout for some effective tips of fast makeup that will make them look attractive, as well as save their time. Luckily there are some easy ways of applying makeup that can make any woman look glorious and refreshed.

      Indian Makeup Hacks Indian Makeup Hacks | Image Resource : i1.wp.comm

      Few tips on easy makeup hacks that can be useful for every woman

      1. The normal eye liner is often hard and creates very thin line below the eyes, which may not be satisfactory. But the

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    • Top 5 hairstyles For An Indian Wedding

      So let me guess, you are getting married! Well, that's obvious as you landed on this page! The beauty of a bride just is exampled with perfect makeup and hair doing on her wedding day, isn't it? And that's why you are here! Let's discuss some of the popular and really elegant hairstyles that speak of perfection in an Indian wedding:

      Hairstyles For An Indian Wedding Hairstyles For An Indian Wedding | Image Resource :

      Top 5 hairstyles for Indian weddings:

      1. Cress-Cross Flower Accented Bun: With a heavy Red dupatta on your head, you need support

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    • Fashionable Wedding Reception Suits For Groom Indian Of Latest Styles

      The wedding is the most important for both bride and groom. Thus, the grooms also need to dress up in their best attires during the wedding functions, mainly in the reception party that Indian grooms organize at their place. So the modern grooms look out for some stylish suits that will match with their personality and make them look as attractive as their brides, at their reception parties. There are different types of Indian and western attires for men that can be used by the grooms in wedding receptions.

      Varieties of suits available for the Indian grooms

      • Sherwani is magnificent Indian attire for any groom and every man gets a royal appearance while wearing this dress. The Sherwanis are available in all hues, ranging from white and pastel shades to all darker shades, including black. Most of the wedding Sherwanis are specially made of silk, with embroideries and
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    • Eternal Beauty of Islamic Wedding Lies In Its Impeccable Vows

      Whether it's Hindu, Sikh or Islamic wedding; vows definitely hold great importance which cannot be replaced by emotions or sentiments. The promise of being together, the promise of understanding each other, the promise of respect and the promise of love everything encapsulates with vows.

      Beauty of Islamic Wedding | Image Resource :

      But, just like the diversity in marriage ceremonies there is some of sort of difference in the vows too. But the aim is always the same and i.e. to have a beautiful life ahead nurtured with love, care and prosperity.

      It Starts and Ends With A Consent

      The Quazi or Islamic prophet plays an integral

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