1. What is the Importance of Hindu wedding Cards

    Being invited to a Hindu wedding is an honor and a memorable experience. The rituals performed to make the Hindu wedding quite interesting and unique from the other wedding cultures across the world.

    The distinct cultures in different states of India add variety to every Indian wedding. Therefore, a Tamil wedding is different from a Punjabi wedding. However, most rituals remain the same. These Hindu weddings signify the vibrant heritage, distinct traditions, and rich culture of India.

    Hindu Wedding Cards

    Like any other wedding ceremony, an Indian wedding is also considered as a significant event in the couple's lives. Therefore,

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  2. 15 Unusual Ideas For Viral Bachelorette This 2018!

    Bachelorette Party Invitation Bachelorette Party Invitation

    One of the most exciting events in the wedding conundrum is the bachelorette party! However, planning this event can dampen the zeal.

    It's a lot of hard work as the bride needs to make sure that all the bridesmaids have a blast at the event.

    Here are 15 different plans for your bachelorette this 2018!

    • Send party invites: Beautiful and innovative invites are extremely trendy. You can send personalised invites in the form of videos or you could select an attractive card invite.
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