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What To Expect When You Receive Wedding Invitations From India

What To Expect When You Receive Wedding Invitations From India? by parekhcards 18/08/2014 at 4:00

People who live abroad in advanced cities do not really know what to expect in an Indian wedding. So here is an article to give you a clear idea what to expect when you receive wedding invitations from India. Have a glimpse at the lively Indian wedding traditions.

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Type Of Wedding

India is a nation of diversity. The multiple traditions make the nation very colorful and interesting. You can broadly classify Indians as North Indians and South Indians. The cultural differences in these two communities are vast. It appears like weddings from two entirely different continents.

  • Here are some of the most notable differences:
  • Music from north and south are completely different.
  • The attire worn by the bride and groom vary a lot in the north and the south.
  • In north, patriarchal system is followed. In south, there are states that still follow the matriarchal system.

The difference in custom also depends on the religion and the linguistic group of the people.

The Common Rituals

Here we have listed out some of the common rituals followed in Indian weddings:

  • Mehendi
  • Haldi
  • Sangeet
  • Bidai
  • Shagun

The Enjoyable Customs

Here we are listing out a few enjoyable customs from different parts of India which make the wedding events completely enjoyable.

Brothers Carrying The Sister

In Bengali weddings, the bride is carried by her brothers to the marriage mandap. Even the so called pheras are done while the brothers hold the bride. This is definitely a fun ritual.

Girl's Family Hiding The Shoes Of The Groom

This is commonly a practice in Punjabi weddings. The bride's family hides the groom's shoes. The groom's family has to either find it or pay the bride's family so as to retrieve the shoes.

What You Must Do?

There are several things that you may do to make yourself a part and parcel of the Indian weddings. Here we have listed a few of the key things:

  • Wear Indian traditional attires
  • Interact with people in the wedding
  • Try to follow the Indian customs and rituals
  • Interact according to your gender

What You Must Avoid Doing?

  • There are some things you need to strictly avoid in an Indian wedding:
  • Avoid white or black attires during weddings
  • Avoid smoking or drinking as marriages are regarded pious


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