Did you know that wedding program books are the ideal way to let your guests know all the details of your wedding program? Sometimes, wedding invitation cards with a number of leaflets may land the guests in a spot of ambiguity. Further, if any leaflet gets misplaced, chances are that the guest might not turn up for any event other than the actual wedding. To avoid this, the best solution is a wedding program book.

Wedding Program Book: Things to Include

When planning a wedding, you have to add in it the following details to your wedding program book:

  • All about the wedding: From the rituals to the reception of the baraat and then the dinner, everything should be mentioned in the wedding program book properly. Don’t forget to include a map in the booklet that would help the guests reach the venue easily.
  • Other Functions: In most Indian weddings, there are a few functions like the ‘sagai’ and the ‘sangeet’, which you might also want many of the guests to be a part of. Details about such functions should be mentioned in the wedding program book, since the invitation cards may not be able to incorporate all the information. Moreover, since such functions may not involve all the guests invited to the wedding, the program books can be sent specifically to those invited for the other events.
  • Date and Venue: The most significant information required by the guests is the date and time of not just the wedding but all the functions. This can be precisely done through the booklet, which can be referred to at anytime for details of the schedule.
  • Theme/Dress Code: If there is a particular theme or a dress code that you want your guests to follow, the program books can be an ideal way to convey this message. This will also help you set the tone for the functions.
  • Enhancing the wedding’s ‘appeal’: If designed in a creative, fun filled and pleasant way, the booklet can actually double the appeal of the wedding. Not only is it a perfect way to greet your guests, it makes the guests to think highly of the attention to detail at the event. And when the guests think like that, they wouldn’t want miss the experience, isn’t it?

With so many positives, you shouldn’t waste more time wondering whether you should include a wedding program book in your wedding preparations. It is just the perfect way to make the memorable event even more memorable!