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Why Couples Are Rushing to Tie Knot on 12-13-14, Why Is This Date So Special?

Why Couples Are Rushing to Tie Knot on 12-13-14, Why Is This Date So Special? by parekhcards 12/12/2014 at 5:00

Couple often fear about forgetting their wedding anniversary, atleast men do. So if you are engaged then you probably can avoid this problem in the future. All you have to do is choose a date that is unique and what's more unique than "12-13-14".

Tie Knot on 12-13-14 Tie Knot on 12-13-14 | Image Resource :

Countless couples are all set to tie the knot on 13th of December. An Indian Wedding Invites of this date makes it even more special. A chronological date of this sort is quite rare which makes your wedding date quite memorable, one that no one could forget. According to a survey, more than eleven thousand couples have registered the wedding on this date. The next sequential date after "12-13-14" is 20 years later i.e "1-2-34". So all registered couples are quite excited about this opportunity.

We saw a similar kind of trends last year at 12 November i.e 11-12-13. To capitalize on this event many brands have launched various kinds of offers and discounts for couple marrying on "12-13-14". Even restaurants and wedding halls have various deals set for this particular date.

In many cultures such dates are considered to bring fortune, happiness and prosperity to the couples. Even in numerology such a date is believed to have positive vibes. So if you are getting married on the 13th this Saturday, Congratulations !!! May you have a happy and prosperous married life.


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