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Why Indian Weddings Are The Best And Have An Edge Over The Rest!

Why Indian Weddings Are The Best And Have An Edge Over The Rest! by parekhcards 20/07/2015 at 4:00

Indian weddings are celebrated like festivals and cannot be compared to the marriages with the rest of the world. It is a magical event that engages the entire family, from elders to youngsters. The various events like Sangeet, Mehendi, Pooja and others fun to attend and organize.

There are many reasons why Indian weddings have an edge over the rest. One of them is the Mehendi ceremony where women folks of the families, especially the little girls and the teenagers get to use Mehendi.

Mehendi is a local herb which is used to die hair and it also leaves dark brown stains on the hand. It is filled up in cones and used as temporary tattoos during the weddings. Beautiful paisley patterns and lovely designs cover the hands and feet of the women in the weddings.

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The other factor is the lovely costumes the bride and groom get to wear. Often the bride's clothes are heavily embroidered with gold and silver threads, pearls, shiny beads and more. The bride gets to look like a queen for a day and she is pampered like one too.

The houses are decorated around ten days before the actual wedding and the entire street can take a guess that a wedding will happen soon. The atmosphere of festivity starts early on Indian weddings which bring home delicious desserts, lovely clothes, plenty of cousins and friends.

The Sangeet can be described as the most fun event in the entire wedding, putting aside the presents. It is an even where music is played or a live band is hired and all the family members join in the dance with the youngsters. Many a time teenagers and younger women of the families put up a show for the bride and they even practice their routines for long hours before the D - Day.

The food is the awesome aspect of weddings which can't be ignored. Since the weddings last for days, yummy desserts and different varieties of spicy Indian food is served during the meal times. There are also so many events and ceremonies in the wedding that one gets to dress up every hour of the day. One can buy out an entire store and still run out of clothes to wear at an Indian wedding.

The fun aspect for the groom lies in riding horses and elephants. In an authentic wedding, the groom has to enter the marriage hall on a white horse and gets a chance to look like prince charming from the Snow White cartoon. He also gets to choose his ride between fancy cars and elephants.

The best parts are the venue, the wedding cards and the Indian wedding cards wordings are all as grand and beautiful as the bride. The sentimental aspect of the wedding is perhaps the most loved in India. Almost all the women get tearful when the bride is leaving for the groom's home and observer might feel that he or she is watching a typical Indian movie.


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