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Why We Love Attending Traditional Indian Weddings?

Why We Love Attending Traditional Indian Weddings? 19/01/2015 at 6:00

The wedding season is approaching. In the coming few months each one of us would be having a wedding to attend. No matter how modern we are, we still love. Lets understand why this happens.

The Traditional union of two family :

Traditional union of two family Traditional union of two family | Image Resource :

No matter how we ignore it. Deep down in the core of our heart "we love it". In india wedding are not just about the bride and groom, the families have a critical role. It reminds us how beautiful marriage is. They can restore our faith in love.

Party with family and friends :

Party with family and friends Party with family and friends | Image Resource :

In India, we don't a dance floor to groove. We can dance anywhere and everywhere. The dancing strat on the road with the baraat and end is the post wedding reception. You will see people cheering for themselves no matter how ridiculous their moves are. It is the only place where you will mothers dancing with their sons on latest DJ tracks.

Free Food :

Free Food Free Food | Image Resource :

Wedding food is one of the top reasons that makes an Indian wedding exciting. The menu may vary from traditional biryanis to continental cuisines.

The Only Chance To Look Sharp :

Look Sharp Look Sharp | Image Resource :

Our lives are hectic. You don't get a chance of wear your best suit or saree everyday. A wedding gives you a reason to shop, dress up and look good. Even the laziest person will make an effort to look decent at a wedding.

Photoshoots :

Photoshoots Photoshoots | Image Resource :

Wedding is a memorable occasion and it has be captured in beautiful photographs. Everybody is dressed up and looking good. It is a perfect time to get the perfect photographs with your loved ones.

The Invitation

The Invitation

When you get a wedding invitation, it is impolite not to attend it. In India, being invited to a wedding is considered as a great honor. It can be Hindu, Christian, Muslim or Sikh Wedding Card. No matter what the religion is, the intention remains the same i.e to invite the nearest and dearest to your wedding.

Awesome Rituals :

Awesome Rituals Awesome Rituals | Image Resource :

Rituals make Indian weddings special and unique. The haldi ceremony, hiding shoes, planning prank the baraatis, finding the wedding rings in milk are some of the fun Indian wedding rituals.

Best Hospitality :

Best Hospitality : Best Hospitality : | Image Resource :

Yes, in an Indian weddings if you are the guests you are treated as God. You will be offered the best hospitality.


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