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Your Guide To An Indian Wedding!

Your Guide To An Indian Wedding! by parekhcards 22/07/2015 at 11:00

Hindu weddings are generally elaborate events which last for three days at the least. The events are long and festive and almost all these events are entertaining for all age groups of people. Often many people settle in foreign countries for better opportunities or work, and some tend to marry there.

Planners often complain that people from other countries keep asking them about Indian marriages. The most common question is what to wear to an Indian wedding. Indian weddings are all for dramatic entries. One can wear the all the bling they want and still look subdued when compared to the costumes of the bride and the groom.

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One can make sure that they wear shiny and colorful clothing. There are many web sites which are dedicated to Indian wedding clothing or festival clothing and going through them will certainly help people choose what sort of clothes to wear. Women can even wear a floor length gown which is reserved for parties and other such occasions.

Many foreigners also know that Indian weddings last for days. Most of the events like Mehendi, Sangeet etc in the weddings are reserved for the closest family members. As a guest one can be expected to attend the main reception which happens either a day before or day after the actual tying of the knot. The date and the venue of which event the guest is invited to will be clearly mentioned as a part of the Hindu wedding cards wordings.

Very often westerners are clueless about the ceremonies in Indian weddings. Unlike Christian weddings Hindu weddings can be categorized into various classes. The wedding ceremonies depend on which community the bride and the groom belong to. A Delhi wedding will include a group of people called the Baraat. It consists of family members of the groom.

The Sangeet is a musical ceremony which generally consists of song and dance by the family of the bride. The mehendi ceremony is where all the women get to decorate their hands with a dye made of a local plant. Beautiful patterns are drawn on hands and feet and photographed for memories.

A south Indian wedding is much more formal and has very less or no song and dance. The ceremonies are formal and very different from north Indian weddings. The food is often served in banana leaves and there are a lot of offerings and much time is spent in ceremonies with prayers to God.

Similarly, marriages differ from state to state, from religion to religion. It is always advised to Google the wedding style. The invited can also ask their hosts about what community they belong to and know a bit on the customs.

This will certainly help and one doesn't need to be pointed out for doing something wrong unintentionally. As far as gifts are concerned, it is a good idea to ship the gifts to the home of the bride or the groom or present envelopes with money.


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