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Wedding Invitation Collection for Canada

Get wide range of Wedding Invitations Online Canada. Choose your favorite design from our best collections.

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The modern generation is completely addicted to the gadgets. They cannot imagine living a day without the internet. The Indian Wedding cards Canada are the best ways to invite such people.

Indian Wedding Invitations Canada Are Designed Thoughtfully

The Indians who reside in India fail to think about their surroundings or their planet. When they step out, they automatically realise their responsibilities and act accordingly. Here are some of the unique facts that reflect their responsible behavior once they are out of India.

  • They go for low key weddings as they realise there is a lot of wastage during weddings.

  • They opt for eco-friendly themed hall decoration and arrangements.

  • They opt for traditional Indian wedding invitations Canada.

  • There are several options available even among online cards.

  • They are strictly against dowry and such other senseless and biased rituals.

What the modern Indian weddings retain?

The wedding ritual has drastically changed over the years. Yet some of the rituals still continue and we have listed the customs that are nearly common all over India.

  • The pheras around the holy fire for the marriage to be solemnised is common in many parts of India even today.

  • A tali or mangalsutra is tied around the bride's neck to signify that she is married.

  • In most of north India, the system of the groom's baaraat coming to the bride's doorstep is still followed.

  • In most Indian marriages, guests are not served with non-vegetarian food.

  • A tika or kumkum is filled in the partition of the hair to indicate that the woman is married.

Apart from these, weddings have always been an occasion to celebrate and people in India celebrate it with vigour and vitality. They have many additional functions to make the marriage enjoyable. These include dance and games. The couple and guests enjoy the occasion thoroughly.

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