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Indian Wedding Invitations USA Combines Class And Tradition

Customized Indian wedding invitations for couples in USA

Indian wedding invitations USA

Indians residing in USA are never ready to give up on the Indian traditions. They have modern outlook but are attached to our traditional ways. This results in Indian wedding invitations USA to have class and traditional flavor too. Here we have researched how the modern US Indian designs his wedding card.

Indian Wedding Cards In USA With Traditional Designs

The US Indian makes sure that his wedding card has all the aspects of a traditional Indian wedding card. Here are some of the common aspects you get to see in his wedding invitation:

  • The wedding invitation may have the image of Lord Ganesha or Lord Krishna. Images of deities are common in most Hindu Indian wedding cards.

  • The wedding card will mention in it the names of the parents and sometimes also the late grandparents. Paying respect to elders during all important occasions of life has become an inevitable tradition in India.

  • If it is the bride's wedding card, it may have images of the baraat.

Modern Outlook Visible in Indian Wedding Cards USA

While the Indians prefer to stick to traditions, staying in the USA does bring some change in their outlook. They have a broader perspective in life and this is clearly reflected in their superior choice. Here are some examples:

  • They wholeheartedly celebrate the Indian culture. Indians in USA respect their culture and are passionate about their country and its rich traditions.

  • Indians always enjoy pomp and show but the educated Indians are aware that wastage is not right even if you are well off. They organise the wedding in a proper manner inviting near and dear ones and ordering for food only for the decided headcount. This helps them to ensure zero wastage.

  • The combination of western outlook and Indian tradition brings out the best. Our website offers beautiful invitation card designs for different Indian weddings such as Islamic, Sikh, Christian, Hindu, interfaith, Gujarati , Punjabi, South Indian and many more.

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