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Wedding Cards Pune Are Slowly Getting Stylish

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Wedding Cards Pune

Pune has never been left out when it comes to style and fashion. It is the next big metropolitan city of Maharashtra. Style is visible even in wedding cards in Pune. They reflect color and creativity while traces of religion and tradition are still visible. Here are some additional facts about the marriage trends in Pune.

Weddings in Pune

As Pune has a majority of Maharashtrian population, the marriages in Pune are predominantly Maharashtrian weddings. The Puneikars stick to the traditional Maharashtrian customs like Vagya Murali. They have the typical Lavani songs and Koli songs played during the marriages. These weddings are fun and the dances are also impressive.

Wedding Invitations Pune Take Inspiration From Other Cities

As the population of Pune has a substantial percentage of non-Maharashtrian students, people in Pune are gaining inspiration from the outsiders. They go for designer wedding cards that match modern weddings of people in cities. They also opt for personalised cards which suit their taste.

People in Pune adhere to their basic customs and hence you are sure to find the symbol of Lord Ganesha on their wedding envelope. They also prefer printed envelopes to invite guests. The youth today realise the importance of saving money and hence the recent generation uses a combination of online as well as printed cards to invite their loved ones.

Personalize your Cards with your Signature style

Small card makers do offer residents of Pune an option to personalize their invitation. While it hasn't gained much popularity, it does exist in Pune. People who wish to add their personal touch to the greeting card go for these. They can choose to add a personalized seal to their wedding cards.

Gender Based Wedding Card Designs

Wedding is a great occasion everywhere in India. People in Pune abide by the Maharashtrian culture. Their weddings are simple. Wedding cards differ based on gender too. There are more expensive choices when it comes to a bride's wedding card.

The Bride's wedding card may sometimes have the image of the entire baraat on it. Some even opt for Warli designs on wedding cards. These look artistic and modern.

Groom's wedding cards are relatively simpler. They have image of the lord at the centre. They are simple and cheaper. They are designed simply to convey the message. Select cards after checking out all the options. You may even look for cards online.

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