Can I order samples prior to placing bulk order?

Created by System Administrator Jul 10, 2020 04:35:15 AM Published in Sample & Bulk Order 968 Views.

Yes, you can place a sample order to have the look and feel of the finally chosen cards prior to placing bulk order.

Select your preferred cards from our vast range of designs, and click on the CLICK TO ORDER 1 SAMPLE button provided beside a picture of the card over the website.

Note: Preferably place bulk order within one week on receiving the samples so there is no/minimum batch variation in the paper, printing, etc. We reserve our right to change/modify material and pattern without intimation in bulk order as required.

The supply of samples is at the sole discretion of Parekh Cards Pvt. Ltd., In case of non-supply of samples, the order amount would be refunded.

Please refer screenshot placed below for quick reference.