Can I Personalize E-Invite with Individual Guest Name?

Created by System Administrator Aug 18, 2020 15:16:20 PM Published in Digital E-Invitations 1448 Views.

Yes, you can personalize your digital E-Invite with individual guest names and make it as respectful as a paper Invite.

We at Parekh Cards offer a unique service to create E-Invites with your individual Guest Name.

This service gives you an option to invite each guest with a personal name, so there is clarity for the recipient of E-Invite.

You just need to forward us the guest list and our designers shall create E-Invite for each individual guest with a personal name and forward you to share.

You can also place an email link for guests to respond and RSVP right from the E-Invite (PDF version only) which surely would help you to create the attending guest list.

In case you would like to customize and change the E-Invite design as per your choice, we have a designer service available for that too!

Inquire for details and quote by clicking on the inquiry link placed on the product page with your specific requirements, our team shall quickly revert with the required information.

Please refer to following the example of E-Invitation with Guest Name.