How Process of Creating Caricature Invitation Works?

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How do we submit our Photos to create Caricature Invitation as per our chosen Invitation design?

(i) Please have a look for example Caricature from your chosen design.
(ii) Please choose/click photos with similar angles in a happy mood and send us a high-resolution file at referring to your order details.
(iii) Please do not send funny faces, our smart software shall convert your faces to get into the character of caricature design.

How do we submit wordings for caricature invitation?

Please send your personalized text details in a word document with the chosen design number via email at referring to your order details

To match with the flow of caricature we suggest you adhere to the style & pattern of wording from your chosen design.

What is the Time Frame to create caricature and wording proof?

It takes 3 working days to create a caricature and wording design for you to view.

What are caricature and proof making charges?

Caricature and proof making charges are INR-6000.00 which shall be adjusted in your bulk order but cannot be refunded due to our time and efforts involved to create a caricature.

Can we make alterations/suggest changes in caricature picture proof?

The purpose of creating a caricature is to fit in a couple's photos in the chosen caricature theme. Our smart software does that and there are no further human touch-ups/changes recommended or possible.

I cannot place bulk order without viewing our caricature and wording proof, how can I go about it?

To start with, you can pay designing charges INR 6000 only and get caricature and wording proof done. Once you are happy with the design you can choose to pay to confirm the bulk order. Such designing charges paid by you shall be adjusted with the bulk order, however, cannot be refunded.

Can we change the color scheme of the design and fonts?

Font design and color schemes are created best suitable for the card design theme and cannot be changed.

Can I suggest edits in wording Proofs?

You can suggest edit in wording proof for a maximum of 2 times, however, edits in caricature/creatives are not possible as it is a software-driven process.

What is the time schedule for the dispatch of the bulk order?

After confirming the proof, making payment, and placing a bulk order, it will take 10 business days to dispatch/pick up the bulk order.