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Indian Wedding Cards

Marriages are no more about two people, the food, the grandeur, venue, decoration and everything else plays an important role. When it comes to Indian Weddings, everyone wishes to have the best of possible. Amongst all the small and big things Marriage Invite plays a vital role. An Indian wedding invite is the first thing that anyone notices about the wedding. It’s through these invites that people start guessing how a marriage will be. These invites consist of all those essential details that give the appropriate information about the bride and groom, and family along with the venue, date, time of all functions.

Indian Wedding Invitations For The Diverse Population

Since India is a diverse country, Parekh Cards offers something for everyone here. The variety of marriage invitation cards that can be found here is extensive.

Indian Wedding Invitation Designs & Categories:

  • Hindu Wedding Cards
  • Sikh Wedding Cards
  • Islamic (Muslim) Wedding Cards
  • Interfaith Wedding Cards
  • Scroll Wedding Cards
  • Digital Wedding Invitations (Evite)
  • Bespoke Cards
  • Grand & Royal Wedding Cards

These Wedding Invitation categories suffice all the communities thus offering a beautiful wedding card for everyone irrespective of their caste and customs.

The variety of cards is not just limited to the outlay as per the religious preferences, but also designs and budget. The growing demand for the new generation has been kept in mind.

People often demand cards with favorite colors and detailing’s which are then crafted specially. These Designer Wedding Cards from India have been gaining a lot of popularity by time. The scroll wedding cards can be chosen from a variety of options, the color, the font and everything else can be customized as per the requirement.

The Bespoke Cards can be specially designed as per the preference and choice of the customer. Bespoke cards come with lovely detailing designer work; these wedding card designs are so beautiful that people are awestruck by it. Digital Invitations are perfect for those who wish to send more than just an invite, consisting of a small video with music of one's choice. These cards can never get old or lost, so that's another advantage. The Grand & Royal Wedding Cards are for those who wish to add the touch of royalty to their big day. One can choose a card depending upon their budget.

The Indian wedding card designs are often enough to attract the guest but for those who wish to add a little more spark to their invite than they can choose accessories to add in ranging from chocolate & favor boxes, menu cards, personalized gift bags etc. After placing an order one can keep track of the same without any worries thus making the once a hectic procedure now simple by all means.

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