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Hindu Wedding Cards Go Digital!

Hindu wedding cards are traditionally printed on paper and sent to guests by mail or courier. However, with the advent of technology and changing preferences, many Hindu couples are opting for digital wedding cards that can be created and sent online via e-mail, text, or social media.

Digital wedding cards are convenient, eco-friendly, and cost-effective alternatives to printed cards. They also offer more features and flexibility such as videos, animations, music, maps, RSVP tracking, events schedule, photo gallery, and wedding website.

Are you looking for unique Hindu Digital Wedding Invitations? Then you are at the right place. Parekh Cards has a plethora of Hindu wedding invitation cards to harmonize the marriage. We know Hindu marriage compliments two souls for ultimate eternity; for this reason, the digital wedding card templates are designed carefully, including the traditional rituals for consummation.

Why Go For Personalised Digital Wedding Invitations?

Personalized digital wedding invitations are a great way to express your personality and style as a couple. You can customize your digital wedding invitations with your own text, photos, and music. You can also choose from a variety of templates and Hindu wedding e-card designs that suit your theme, budget, and culture. Personalized digital wedding invitations can help you impress your guests and make them feel unique and involved in your wedding celebrations.

Why Choose Hindu Digital Wedding Card Designs by Parekh Cards?

Parekh Cards is a leading online store for Indian wedding invitations and accessories. We offer a wide range of Hindu digital wedding card designs that can be personalized with your own text, photos, and music.

Our digital Hindu wedding invitations will surely benefit you with the following aspects

  • Easy to distribute
  • No packing
  • No Postage Charges
  • Easy accessibility
  • Fast Designing process

Just make a few mouse clicks and send your digital Hindu wedding invitation link through e-mail, text, or social media. Furthermore, our online options offer you full marriage management cards, invitations, and accessories such as engagement, RSVP, thank you messages, gift registries, save-the-date cards, personalized gifts, favor chocolate boxes, and whatnot. So just check out our services online and celebrate your special day traditionally with us.


  1. How do I create Hindu wedding e-cards?

    You can create Hindu digital wedding cards online using various platforms and tools that offer ready-made templates or custom Hindu wedding e-card design options. You can choose a template that suits your theme, style, and budget and then personalize it with your own text, photos, and music. You can also preview your card before sending it to your guests.

  2. How do I send Hindu digital wedding cards?

    You can send Hindu wedding e-cards to your guests via e-mail, text message, WhatsApp, Facebook, or any other platform. You can also create a guest list and track the delivery and response of your cards. You can also send reminders or updates to your guests if needed.

  3. How much do Hindu digital wedding cards cost?

    Hindu digital wedding cards' price starts from INR 1500 (approx. US$ 20) onwards. The final price of the Digital Wedding E-Invite depends upon design elements, page preferences, and final output. The price is calculated on the number of pages required, incorporation of personal photos, insertion of background music, video length, and most importantly, the uniqueness of style and design.

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