Muslim Wedding Cards & Invitations

Parekh Cards provides a selection of classy Islamic Wedding Cards. Experience the beauty of Islamic traditions with stunning Muslim Wedding Cards from Parekh Cards.

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Muslim Wedding Cards

A Muslim matrimonial ceremony, the Nikah, encompasses a tapestry of diverse customs, traditions, and rituals. Each rite holds its own profound meaning and is often conducted in the intimate presence of cherished friends and family who witness the sacred union of the couple. Religious marriage invitations bestow even greater sanctity and significance upon your special day, and this holds true for Muslim wedding invitations as well. They can manifest in an array of hues, forms, and sizes, accommodating styles ranging from rustic and beach-themed to romantic and floral.

Our Muslim Wedding Cards serve as a genuine embodiment of the opulent traditions and practices of Islam. Allow Parekh Cards the privilege of sharing your forthcoming Nikah with the world!

How are Muslim Marriage Wedding Cards Unique?

Muslim marriage cards are unique because they reflect the cultural and religious traditions of the Islamic community. These cards typically feature Arabic calligraphy and motifs such as the crescent moon and stars, important symbols in Islam. These elements give the cards a traditional and elegant look that is instantly recognisable. Additionally, Muslim marriage cards often include quotes or verses from the Holy Quran, which adds a spiritual dimension to the invitation.

The preparations for the wedding commence by extending heartfelt Islamic Marriage Invitations to the guests. Consequently, each card is masterfully conceived and executed by Parekh Cards, embodying the distinctive patterns, symbols, shades, and textures synonymous with Islamic weddings.

Which Enclosure Cards Should be a Part of the Muslim Wedding Invitation?

Enclosure cards are a type of wedding invitation that contains all of the wedding information for your guests. Direction cards, RSVP cards, accomodation cards, ceremony cards, and registry cards are examples of these. In the context of Muslim Weddings, two of the most important enclosure cards are the ones for Nikah and Walima ceremony. For these, you should have a section for both Muslim nikah invitation and the Walima invitation.

What Are the Latest Muslim Wedding Card Designs?

At Parekh Cards, we're constantly updating our marriage card designs to stay in line with the latest trends in Muslim wedding cards. Some of the most popular designs now include laser-cut invitations, foil stamping, and intricate floral patterns. We're also seeing a move towards more minimalist designs, with clean lines and a focus on typography. Whatever your preference, we're confident we have a design that will fit your style and taste.

Our Approach to Designing Muslim Wedding Invitation Cards

At Parekh Cards, we believe designing Islamic wedding invitation cards is an art form. We approach each project with creativity and attention to detail, ensuring that every card we create is unique and beautiful. Our Muslim Wedding Cards boast a variety of features, such as:

  • Relevancy with the wedding theme
  • Traditional Islamic designs
  • High-quality printing
  • Good quality
  • Vibrant texture
  • Typography
  • Quotes

To leave a lasting impression on your guests, each Muslim marriage card is carefully crafted to be both exceptional quality and relevant to the wedding theme. We also provide an array of Muslim wedding card wording options. Whether it be verses from scriptures, poignant poetry, or significant quotations from the Holy Quran, an array of Muslim wedding invitation wordings are offered by Parekh Cards for free, tailored to your preferences as a couple.

Make Sure Your Islamic Wedding Cards Stand Out

With so many different types of Islamic wedding cards available, it can be difficult to make yours stand out. That's why we create custom designs at Parekh Cards tailored to your specific needs and preferences. So whether you're looking for a traditional design or something more modern and unique, our team will work with you to create a personalised, one-of-a-kind invitation that reflects your style and personality. We also offer a range of customisation options, including foil stamping, laser-cutting, and more, to make your card truly unique.

Why Choose Parekh Cards for Islamic Wedding Invitations?

Whether you seek Muslim wedding invitations with an American touch, invitations for a Muslim wedding in the UK, or even Indian Muslim wedding invitations, you are bound to discover a design that resonates among our exclusive collections curated by experienced designers.

Muslim weddings are not one-day affairs; they consist of pre-marriage, wedding-day, and post-marriage rituals. The presence of guests at these ceremonies makes the couple's wedding a grand affair. It is thus much more important to choose the right wedding card.

While every Muslim wedding follows the same rituals and customs, each couple wishes their wedding to be unique. Our personalised Islamic wedding invitation cards make an impression and ensure that your wedding event stands out from the rest. Our wide selection guarantees that you can quickly find the ideal invitation card for you at a reasonable price.

In search of budget-friendly Muslim wedding invitations? We understand the constraints of a budget, so rather than opting for DIY invites, consider our sample Muslim wedding invitations with digital printing. You still retain full freedom to customise the Muslim wedding card design and save costs and the environment alike!

We provide all printing services, in addition to samples that are shipped within 2 business days. So, have a look at our stunning designs and let us help you make your Islamic wedding memorable.



  1. What are the important features of Muslim wedding invitations?

    Muslim wedding invitations play an important part in the wedding ceremony, and they must have certain intriguing features to leave an impression on guests. Some essential characteristics of Muslim wedding invitations include being relevant to the wedding theme, traditional Islamic designs, high-quality printing, excellent value, vibrant texture, typography, and quotes.

  2. How to order Muslim wedding cards?

    Ordering Muslim wedding cards with Parekh Cards is a simple process. You can browse through our wide variety of invitations online and choose the style that most closely resembles the tone of your ceremony. Once you have selected the perfect card, you can modify the text and choose from different textures and materials.

  3. How much do Muslim wedding Invitation typically cost?

    The cost of Muslim wedding invitations can vary based on the design, paper, and texture used. We offer a wide range of options to fit your budget, and our pricing starts off reasonably. You can select the design and materials that best fit your needs.

  4. Does Parekh Cards offer Muslim Digital Wedding E-invites?

    Yes, Parekh Cards offers digital wedding e-invites for those who want a more eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative. Our e-invites are available in a variety of designs and can be customized to reflect your wedding's theme. They can also be personalized with interactive elements like music, videos, RSVP options, and more.

  5. Does Parekh Cards facilitate with sample cards before placing a bulk order?

    Yes, Parekh Cards enables you to order a sample card before making a bulk order. Our samples are a great way to make sure you're happy with the design, paper, and texture of your selected card. They're dispatched within 2 business days.

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