Sikh Wedding Invitation Cards

Parekh Cards offers a variety of Sikh Wedding Invitations inspired by the richness, vigor, and culture of the Sikh community.

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Punjabi Wedding Cards by Parekh Cards

The Sikh term for marriage, Anand Karaj, signifies a 'Blissful Union,' an event full of vibrant traditions and joyful celebrations. Reflecting the Punjabis' exuberant nature, Parekh Cards, with their long legacy of crafting exquisite Indian Wedding Invitations, proudly presents an exclusive array of Sikh Wedding Invitations that capture the essence of this rich cultural festivity.

Our Finest Collection: A Symphony of Color and Culture

Our handpicked selection of Sikh wedding cards embodies the colorful, joyous, and vivacious spirit of a Sikh matrimonial celebration. From traditional motifs to contemporary chic, our Punjabi wedding invitations come in various handmade papers and rich textures, adorned with exquisite artistry. Serving globally, we ensure that wherever your celebration, the essence of Punjabi hospitality is delivered right to your doorstep.

Pricing and Selection: A Card for Every Budget

Recognizing the diverse needs of our clients, our Punjabi marriage cards cater to every class and economic strata. Whether it's an opulent statement piece for the affluent or a budget-friendly yet elegant solution for the middle-class family, our collection boasts unique price ranges without compromising on quality or beauty.

What are the Trending Punjabi Wedding Card Designs?

Today's Sikh wedding invitation designs are a blend of elegance and cultural richness. With a palette ranging from bold regal tones like red, purple, and blue to more subdued hues, each card is a personal statement of style. Our trending designs include:
Floral Elegance: Floral designs, with their intricate patterns, have become a staple in wedding cards, offering an elegant and sophisticated flair.
Modern Laser-Cut Patterns: For a contemporary twist, laser-cut designs offer a modern yet traditional aesthetic, featuring intricate cutouts and patterns.
Luxurious Gold Foil Accents: Timeless gold foil designs add a luxurious touch, ensuring your wedding card stands out with opulence and grandeur.
Minimalist Charm: For those who prefer understated elegance, minimalist designs with clean lines and neutral colors offer modern simplicity.
Punjabi weddings are a manifestation of joy and cheerfulness, a theme that is reflected in the bright and colorful wedding card designs. From the lavish 'Baraat' procession depicted on the bride's cards to the more understated elegance of the groom's invitations, each card is a celebration of Punjabi zest.

Our Personalized Design Approach

At Parekh Cards, we take immense pride in personalizing wedding invitations to mirror the unique preferences of every couple. Here's our process:
Consultation: Understanding the couple's vision through detailed discussions.
Customization: Tailoring the design to fit the couple's unique style.
Quality Assurance: Each design undergoes rigorous checks for impeccable quality.

Delving into the Sikh Wedding Card Matter

Every detail on a Punjabi wedding card design is infused with meaning. From the Khanda symbol, which imparts a sacred aura to your invitations, to verses from the Guru Granth Sahib that add a spiritual dimension to the Sikh wedding card matter. These elements are not just decorative but resonate deeply with the ethos of the Sikh faith. Check out our extensive collection of Sikh wedding card matter templates and find the one that fits your needs!

Ensuring Your Punjabi Wedding Cards Shine

Here are bespoke tips to guarantee your Punjabi wedding invitations make an unforgettable impression:
1. Add a Personal Touch: Personalize your cards with quotes, photos, or messages to make them truly one-of-a-kind.
2. Select a Distinctive Color Palette: Set your invitations apart with a unique color scheme that captures the eye.
3. Experiment with Textures: Introduce textures like velvet or metallic accents to add sophistication.
4. Choose Unconventional Designs: Don't be afraid to go for non-traditional shapes or innovative designs.

Why Parekh Cards is Your Go-To for Punjabi Wedding Invitations

With a vast array of designs, customization options, and dedication to quality and service, Parekh Cards is committed to delivering excellence for your special day. There are many different styles of cards, including scroll, simple or opening-type cards. Go for a card that looks thoroughly decorated that reflects the typical jovial enthusiasm of North Indian weddings. Punjabi wedding invitations reflect festivity and a mood of celebration.
Our competitive pricing, coupled with our attention to detail and outstanding customer service, makes us the preferred choice for your Punjabi wedding invitations. All printing services are provided. Samples will be shipped within 2 business days.


  1. What are the important features of Sikh wedding cards?

    Sikh weddings are full of customs, traditions, and rituals, and a wedding card gives the first impression of the day to the guests. The wedding consists of many events like sangeet, pre-wedding rituals, and the wedding day. A wedding card gives information about these events.

    Some people choose their wedding cards based on the theme of the wedding. This may influence the card's colour, patterns, wording, accessories, and wedding card designs.

    Most of the cards have Sikh shlokas on the first page, and these are mentioned to make sure the wedding goes seamlessly. In addition, many of them have quotes of God and Goddesses to commemorate their presence for the occasion.

    You can customise the wedding card wordings, font, colour, and styles. You can create your perfect wedding card wordings that complement its design. Choosing a perfect wedding card is important for an unforgettable wedding.

  2. How to order Sikh wedding cards?

    You can easily order Sikh wedding cards online. Select the card of your choice, write down the other requirements, and send it through an email. The wedding card will get delivered to your home.

    The process to follow while ordering a card online is as follows:

    1. Select a card from the range of cards available online.
    2. Write down the card number.
    3. Write down the number of cards required.
    4. Provide the text to be printed on the card in MS Word format or write down the text in the email.
    5. Provide information if you need Add-on cards and any print-related information.
    6. Provide shipping details like name, address, phone number, and more.
    7. Send us all this in an email.

    We will get back to you with an artwork proof of your selected card. The process then moves further.

  3. How much do Punjabi wedding Invitation typically cost?

    The cost of the wedding invitations depends on many factors. It depends on the quality, the quantity, the type of paper used and the location it has to be delivered to. The most important factors are the uniqueness of the style and design of the card.

    The printing and the shipping costs are separate. The price for the Punjabi wedding invitations begin from INR-50 onwards.

  4. How much time Parekh Cards takes to deliver Punjabi wedding invitation to US, UK & Canada?

    When you order Punjabi wedding invitation cards from us online, we first make an artwork proof of the selected card. After you approve the final artwork proof the cards go for printing. The time taken to deliver the invitation cards is a minimum of two weeks for the US, UK, Canada and Globally.

    You can order the invitation cards as much in advance as you like. The delivery time-frame is counted from the order date which is the date the final payment is made.

  5. How many days Parekh Cards takes to deliver Sikh wedding cards in India?

    You can order Sikh wedding cards online and get them delivered to your doorstep. Once you choose a card we make an artwork proof of the selected card. After you review and approve the final proof the cards go for printing. The cards can be delivered to you in a minimum of two weeks from the order date.

    You can place the order for the wedding invitation cards as much as you want in advance.

  6. Does Parekh Cards offer Sikh Digital Wedding E-invites?

    Yes, we offer Sikh Digital Wedding E-invites which you can share anytime and anywhere from your mobile. The E-invites are designed carefully and are available in stylish, traditional, and contemporary designs.

    You can customise the E-invites using our template tool. You can add personal messages, paste photos with special effects, and more. You can send these paperless invitations online and save time and money. We provide full marriage management E-invites.

    The E-invites require no packing and require no postal charges. They can be designed quickly and are easily accessible. You can send your invitation through WhatsApp, email or social media.

  7. Does Parekh Cards facilitate with sample cards before placing a bulk order?

    Yes, we do prive reference invitation wordings online. We have a library of them for different religions. In the foot of any page you will find ‘Invitation wordings’ link on which you can click to reach a page that lists the different invitation wordings links.

    You can choose the link of your choice and browse or download the wordings. The wording can be downloaded in MS Word document. You can edit and personalise the wordings.

    You can also send the wedding invitation wordings of your choice. Our professionals can design the wordings to suit your specific printing requirements.

  8. Does Parekh Cards facilitate sample cards before placing a bulk order?

    Yes, we offer a sample of the card you choose before you place a bulk order. So you can get the look and feel of the card you choose.

    To get a sample, first choose your card, then click on the 'Click to order 1 sample' button provided. We offer up to six samples free of cost and at discounted shipping charges. Place your bulk order within one week of receiving the samples so there is minimum batch variation in paper, printing, and others.

    The supply of samples is solely at our discretion, and if we cannot supply samples, the order amount will be refunded.

  9. Does Parekh Cards provide proof artwork before placing an order?

    Parekh Cards offer one-time Free Wording Proof Artwork on the chosen card so you can visualize how your card would look with your text.

  10. What is Parekh Cards guarantee?

    We provide text proof to you for approval before we give the cards or accessories for printing. You should review the proof carefully to avoid any errors. After you approve the final proof the cards go for actual printing.

    If there is any error in printing the text then we will at no charge replace the cards and accessories as required with the corrected text within 15 days of admission of claim. This is our guarantee.

    You should report a claim within seven days of receiving the goods.

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