According to Hindu tradition, even the close family will not attend wedding events if they do not receive an invitation card, which is traditionally known as the Lagnapatrika. A typical Indian wedding has many additional events before and after the main ceremony, as part of the rituals and cultural traditions. Most couples choose add-on Indian wedding stationary in order to add value to their invitation card. Also, with this approach, the host can co-ordinate each event well.

Given below is the list of important Indian wedding stationary with which you can have a well coordinated celebration:

  • RSVP cardsThese cards are sent along with the main invitation card. Guests are supposed to post these back with the confirmation of their attendance for the celebration. These are required to co-ordinate better according to the number of guests that are going to attend the event. Wastage of food and other resources is also avoided with RSVP cards. Ideally, the host should ask the guests to repost the RSVP cards at least 2 to 3 weeks before the main event.
  • Table cardThese are to mark the seats for the guests. If you do not want your close relatives to be sitting at the back, while obligatory invites occupy the front seats, plan with table cards. You can also have your friends and relatives sit near each other to encourage conversation between them.
  • Program cardThese are especially useful for those friends who are not Indian and want to be prepared for the customs and events. Guests would know what to expect at each stage of the process with this kind of Indian wedding stationary. Functions like the mehendi and sangeet can be explained to the guests.
  • Cocktail cardOften, there are guest who are invited to the reception or post wedding cocktail party as well. Also, you may want to set out some code of conduct and special requests for the reception party, which you cannot communicate to the guests unless you send cocktail cards. If you are not thinking about serving a full meal, simply mention 'join us for cocktails and cake cutting on 'date''.
  • Thank You cardYou can send these cards with a thank you note to the guests not later than one to two months after the wedding. Although it is better to send these immediately after the last event of the wedding celebrations, you can also send these after returning from the honeymoon.

Ensure that you place the order for all the Indian wedding stationary that you would need with an experienced Indian company. Seek recommendations or visit the vendor's website to view the catalogue and other information.