When a bride chooses her gorgeous bridal saree or lehenga; the next thought goes for having a similarly attractive blouse for wearing with that bridal dress. Most of the expensive bridal sarees or lehengas are provided with matching or contrasting blouse pieces, which need to be stitched into fashionable blouses. Many modern brides want their wedding blouses to be similar to that sported by their favorite celebrities on any occasion, most of whom are Bollywood heroines.

Celeb Inspired Blouses Celeb Inspired Blouses | Image Resource : southindiafashion.com

Stylish designs of the wedding blouses inspired by any celeb

  • Sleek elbow sleeves - The elegant design of elbow length sleeves, scoop neckline and perfect fittings can make a blouse look both decent and fashionable, along with gorgeous mirror works all over the blouse. This type of blouse is made popular as famous actress Shilpa Shetty was seen to be wearing it.
  • Jewel neckline - The jewel neckline is much similar to high neck blouses and when coupled with tightly fitting elbow length sleeves, the bride will look as stylish and classy, like the renowned actress Karishma Kapoor, when she was photographed wearing blouse of this design.

  • Cold shoulder - This design resembles the western dresses, where a part of the shoulder is kept open in oval shape, while the neckline is similar to high neck cutting. British actress Sophie Chowdhary is seen to be wearing this design lately.

  • Halter neck - Halter neckline is an old fashion that is taking re-entry into fashion industry. This halter neck backless style of the blouse is made more popular by Sonakshi Sinha, the favorite Bollywood actress of many people.

  • High round neck - An elegant blouse of high round neckline and long lacy sleeves can fit perfectly a bridal wear, when it is adorned with stitched embellishments; as seen to be wearing by Nimrat Kaur, the well know Hindi film actress.

  • Triangular neckline - A golden colored blouse that is lavishly adorned with embellishments and stitched in the design of a triangular shaped neckline, short sleeves and fasteners at the front of the blouse is ideal for any bride. This blouse was made a fashion statement by Sonam Kapoor, the sweet Hindi film actress.

  • Tight fitting printed blouse - When a bright colored printed fabric is stitched into a tight fitting, long sleeved blouse and further decorated with little sequins. This kind of blouse is made popular by the famous Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone.

  • Long and loosely fitting - The bridal lehengas can be matched with the comfortable design of long and loosely-fitted blouses, with round necklines and long sleeves. This design of blouse is seen to be sported by Dia Mirza, a Bollywood film actress.

  • Sweetheart neckline - A gorgeous blouse with sweetheart neckline and short sleeves can make it a perfect bridal outfit. Sonakshi Sinha was photographed while wearing blouse of this design.

  • Kurta style - This blouse will have a length of a short kurta, with perfect fittings and short sleeves. Thus, it can be used with both bridal saree and lehenga, as seen to be wearing by famous dress designer Archa Mehta.