With the wedding season down the corner, bride-to-be and their friends want to look their best on this grand event. And when it comes to an incredible hairstyle then these are the top 20 styles that must watch out for.

1. Traditional Braided

Traditional BraidedTraditional Braided | Image Resource : fashionlady.in

The traditional braided hairstyle is one of the most prominent styles that looks great with oval, round and triangle face. In this style, a straight braid is created and decorated with golden hair accessories and pearl to pull off an impeccable ethnic look with the lehenga.

2. Curly and Puffy Down Do

Curly and Puffy Down DoCurly and Puffy Down Do | Image Resource : i.pinimg.com

This is yet another remarkable hairstyle that can be achieved with the help of simple tools such as a texturing spray and styling comb. The hair is section into four parts, where the back portion is teased with a comb and the rest is curled using a curling iron. The centre part can be adored with a magnificent Mang Tikka studded with vibrant stones.

3. Simple Bun

Simple BunSimple Bun | Image Resource : stylesatlife.com

There are many hairstyles that are dedicated to ethnic attires of India and one such beautiful style is the simple bun. In this style, the hair is parted from side to side and tucked in together to form a bun and then placed properly with the help of bobby pins.

4. Side-parted & Twisted

Side-parted & TwistedSide-parted & Twisted | Image Resource : weddingsonline.in

The side-parted twisted hairdo is simple and best for lehengas. For this style, hair is parted to opposite directions, where one part is twisted to form a messy bun and front portion is curled for creating tiny curls that complete the look flawlessly.

5. Messy Bun

Messy BunMessy Bun | Image Resource : i.ytimg.com

Just as the name suggests, messy bun is an easy style that goes incredibly well with curly hair. Those with straight hair can curl the lower portion of the hair and then tie it together to form a lose bun. For optimal results you can tease the front portion of the hair using a holding spray or serum.

6. Twisted front with Side-parted Waves

Twisted front with Side-parted WavesTwisted front with Side-parted Waves | Image Resource : files.wordpress.com

When you want to look chic and sensational at the same time, then this hairstyle is something that you cannot overlook. It brings a beautiful blend of ethnicity with modern style which makes it a suitable option for the modern bride. Just part the hair and then section the front part at sideways and stack it using bobby pins.

7. Puffy Crown & Highlighted Curls

Puffy Crown & Highlighted CurlsPuffy Crown & Highlighted Curls | Image Resource : ezwed.in

The puffy crown and highlighted curl is an open hairstyle, where you only have to curl up the locks intensely and let them flow on the shoulders. And create a crown at the top to make the look speak for itself.

8. Formal Up-do

Formal Up-doFormal Up-do | Image Resource : i0.wp.com

The formal up-do style has been there for ages. It is an elegant, trendy and simple style where the hair is tucked together at the back to form a bun allowing you to have a gorgeous look.

9. The Half up and Half Down Curls

The Half up and Half Down CurlsThe Half up and Half Down Curls | Image Resource : indianbeauty.tips

The half up and down curls is created using big luscious curly hair and is styled with floral accessories. Here, the hair gets divided into two segments, the upper and the lower portion, where each one is designed with different curls.

10. One Side Puff

One Side PuffOne Side Puff | Image Resource : i0.wp.com

When you want to enhance the volume of your hair then the one sided puff hairstyle can do the trick. Though this you can be the princess that you always wanted to be.

11. Braided High Bun

Braided High BunBraided High Bun | Image Resource : media.weddingz.in

Who said that braids are only meant for straight hairs? Now, even curly hair beauties can add that oomph of braided through a bun. And this goes amazingly with bridal lehenga.

12. Maang Tika Curly

Maang Tika CurlyMaang Tika Curly | Image Resource : beautyhealthtips.in

Maang Tika is the core of Indian ethnic attire and now you can have a special hairstyle dedicated to it. Just leave the hair lose and place the Maang Tika at the centre to secure the various parts together.

13. Only Puff

Only PuffOnly Puff | Image Resource : beautyhealth.tips

The only puff hairstyle is simplicity at its best. It requires nothing but only a puff and then your hair can be tied together at the end to have a puffy bun.

14. Twists with Braid

Twists with BraidTwists with Braid | Image Resource : files.wordpress.com

There is no end to hairstyle with braids and this style is a perfect example to that. In this style, you just have to create a braided bun and then style the hair according to the patterns of your choice.

15. High Twisted Bun With Flower

High Twisted Bun With FlowerHigh Twisted Bun With Flower | Image Resource : i.pinimg.com

Another impeccable style is the high twisted bun with flower. For this, a high bun is created by twisting the hair and then placed using bobby pins. Later, fresh and bright flowers are studded to this bun.

16. Curly Glamour Up-dos

Curly Glamour Up-dosCurly Glamour Up-dos | Image Resource : amazonaws.com

The curly glamour up-do is a contemporary style that still holds a special place in the heart of every bride. It reminds of grace, dignity and power that womanhood nurtures and thus is best of wedding season.

17. Twisted Side Swipes with Curls

Twisted Side Swipes with CurlsTwisted Side Swipes with Curls | Image Resource : pinimg.com

This is a sophisticated hairstyle that would be an ideal match for bridal sarees and lehengas. Here, you have to curl up your hair and then pin them up by swiping them at the sides. Do remember to leave a few stands at the end which will improve the details of this style.

18. Side-parted curls

Side-parted curlsSide-parted curls | Image Resource : beststylo.com

This is something that would be great pick for the friends of bride who do not want to do much to their hair, but still aspire to pull off an elegant look. For this just comb the hair sideways and then curl it up letting the hair rest on the shoulders.

19. Flowery Braids and Curls

Flowery Braids and CurlsFlowery Braids and Curls | Image Resource : i.ytimg.com

The use of flower in bride's hair is seen in most of the communities of India, especially in the southern region, as this is reckoned to be auspicious. So, when you want to have flowers but without compromising with style then the flowery braids and curls can do the trick.

20. Messy Fish Braid & Curls

Messy Fish Braid & CurlsMessy Fish Braid & Curls | Image Resource : files.wordpress.com

Fish braid is a common hairstyle that every woman is aware of, now this style can be revamped with curls and messy locks to make it perfect of lehengas.