Right from choosing the perfect wedding cards, Indian marriages are often lavish and time-consuming affairs. From the first day till the final, you have to constantly be on the lookout for shopping and spending. But wedding cards are important in the sense that they map it all. So, how do you get your card to suit the functions you are going to have?

Top 5 Considerations in Indian Wedding Cards

Be on the lookout for good vendors early. Have the final plan ready with you so that you can immediately place an order for the perfect Indian wedding cards to mark your special day. Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind while placing an order for your invites:

Decide on the Theme

Be it a modern wedding or a traditional one, you can match the theme with the design of the card. Different kinds of weddings have differing events and could vary in terms of the length of each event. Invites for casual weddings could be single-sheet cards with brief information and minimalistic designs.

On the other hand, lavish weddings spread over a number of days can have scrolls that lend a regal feel to the event. Here, cards can be sent separately for each of the events that are to take place.



Color shouldn’t be underestimated while choosing a wedding card for a traditional Indian wedding. The Indian flavor of matrimony basically has vibrant, radiant colors like red and maroon, green and gold, saffron and silver, and more.


If you love a traditional wedding, choose traditional colors like red and gold. However, subtler shades of pink combined with other pastel hues can also be used in your invitation if you’re looking to be modern yet subtle.

Placing Order

In weddings that involve a huge budget and are spread over a number of days, with different events leading up to the D-day, you have to take care to order the number of cards carefully. For instance, you may want to invite different guests for different events. Take care to have separate leaves and envelopes for this. Also, guard against over-ordering or under-ordering.

Decide on the size and type of font inside the card carefully. Highly-ornate fonts might not be easy to read. The color of the font and the background should be in stark as well to make it easier to read the words.



Your Budget

Although Indian wedding cards do entail some investment, in terms of time, effort and of course money, you need not splurge to the extent that your budget is thrown off track. The best you can do is variants of design, types of paper, number of sheets within the card, and other details that can make a difference to the pricing without compromising on the quality. For instance, you can grab good deals by opting for designs that use regular material.

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