Are you aware that Save the Date cards are an ideal way to inform your family as well as friends about the date, venue and other details of your wedding? In fact, such invites make sure that all the guests in your wish list are part of your wedding festivities. Since you will sent these cards out well in advance, you can ensure that your guests have enough time to arrange for travel and plan everything else.

Save the Date Cards: Why should you send them?
Whether you should send Save the Date cards or not actually depends on a few factors such as the time left for your marriage, the type of wedding and the venue. Take a look at some situations in which it would be ideal to send out such cards:

  • If your wedding is a destination wedding
  • If a majority of your guests stay out of town
  • If your wedding date falls during the peak season or on festive days, such as Valentine’s Day.

Save the Date Cards: What to Include?
Save the Date cards are generally sent around five-six months before the actual wedding. It is better to send cards earlier rather than later to give more the time to the guests to plan and prepare their schedule. Since the information mentioned in the invites need to be simple and precise, don’t worry if you haven’t even started with the wedding preparations. A finalized venue, however, is a necessity in these invites.

You only need to mention the date and the location of the wedding. If you are having a destination, then you may need to add a little more info about things like hotels, flights, the weather, what to carry, etc.
You should not include RSVP cards along with such invites. End the matter by putting in a straightforward ‘formal invitation to follow’.
Save the Date Cards: The Appearance

  • Save the Date cards work best when made creatively instead of being presented just as a simple card. They should have a minimal formal tone so that it is something that the guests would take seriously. 
  • Here are a few unique suggestions to make the car more creative and fun:
    • You can add the couple’s picture, saying something like, “This beautiful couple awaits your company.”
    • You can send things like fridge magnets on which the wedding date or something striking about the wedding is inscribed.
    • Sending cookies or chocolates along with the card won’t be a bad idea either.
    • You can also plan color scheme/theme for the wedding and mention it in the card.

Don’t forget that Save the Date cards are different from RSVP and invitation cards and are a perfect way to let your guests know about your wedding and ask them to SAVE THE DATE!